3 Steps to Create a Life of Constant Travel

3 Steps to Create a Life of Constant Travel

To be able to create a life of constant travel is not hard. Like everything in life that you have gotten you just have to go out and get it.In this post I outline the 3 steps to create a life of constant travel.

Actually, to say it’s three steps is a bit misleading. It’s three major steps. Like most things, each step has more steps within.

How to Create a Life of Constant Travel

Step One – Get in the Right Mindset

Having the wrong mindset, in particular the wrong paradigm (reference: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), is what stops most people from achieving a life of constant travel, or any other goal. You need to change the way you think as well as what you do.

Know that it is Possible

Many people think that being able to create a life of constant travel is not possible. I rarely say this to people, but you are wrong! It is most definitely possible and not even that hard. I am living proof and I am not anything special. There are literally thousands of people that have created a life of constant travel for themselves.

You Are not Really Creating a Life of Constant Travel

To create a life of constant travel doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always be on the move. It just means that you have the ability to come and go as you please. You can stay in one spot for months if you want. I often do this, but I have the ability to go at any time if I want because I have no obligations. It is creating, not necessarily implementing. It is the creating that gives the option of implementation, which is where the joy lies – at least that is true for me.

Perhaps I should have named the post “How to Create a Life of No Obligations”, but that wouldn’t be 100% true either because obligation lies within. You are only obligated to things because you dictate that you are obligated. I have no boss to answer to so I have no obligation of work, but if I make no money then I will starve, so I do have an obligation to myself to create income. Another example may be that I do not have a wife or children so no obligation to provide for them, but if a relative or close friend really needed my help then I would feel obligated to do so, but that is my choice.

Just a side note, having a family is not an obligation that stops the creation of a life of constant travel, in fact, it is more of a reason to do so. If you create a life of constant travel it just means you are creating time. Maybe you don’t use that time for travel. Maybe you use it to spend time with your family instead. This is one of the big “secrets” in creating a life of travel, but more on that in step two.

Let Go

The wanting to “hold on” to things in your current life allows for many excuses.

“What about my car, my house, my job, my phone plan?” etc. If you want a life of constant travel then you must let go of these things.

Well this isn’t exactly true. You can have all the stuff you want (assuming you can afford it), just be prepared to leave it behind when you go to your next destination.

2. Fund Your Travels

Well I am not going to lie, traveling costs money. Even if you do it as cheap as possible and never pay for accommodation, travel costs, souvenirs, attractions etc (very, very possible) you still need to eat. So at the very least (unless you steal or eat out of the garbage) you need to pay for food, which can also be done very cheaply if you want.

Traveling is Not as Expensive as You Think

I am not as budget as the suggested above. You could sleep for free with couch-surfing, hitchhike everywhere, and skip any tourist attractions that require entry fees. Personally I am not that sociable and like having a private bathroom, I tend not to hitchhike unless I have to, and sometimes I want to see the tourist attractions. Even with all these expenses, I still spend less than I would if I was living in Australia, because I am not trying to “keep up with the Jonse’s”. Not having a car, rent, the latest phone, etc. Also, I do not drink alcohol that much and like to eat local food as opposed to dining in “nice” restaurants all the time.

Set A Budget

This does not have to be complicated. No matter where I go my maximum budget is $50/day (USD). I rarely spend this much. Sometimes if I go to an expensive tourist attraction or buy a plane ticket, etc. it goes way over, but it evens out over the other days. Yes, I can still get private accommodation with bathroom, but I travel in cheap countries. If I was in the States, UK, Australia, etc. I would probably be hosteling or couch-surfing, or more likely, staying with friends.

Another thing I do sometimes is just to stay in a cheap country until I “save up” enough to go to the more expensive ones.

Anyway, the point is to set a budget and stick to it as an average. I track my spending once a week and adjust as necessary.

Raise Funds

Usually, people will have their funds and then set a budget accordingly. It makes sense.

There are a number of ways you can fund your life of constant travel. Here are some (not all) of them.

Make Lots of Money and then Travel

Most people work, save money, go on vacation, go back to work. You could just do this on a bigger scale. Work and save heaps of money and then travel for as long as you can. The problem with this is that unless you save up like really a lot, then eventually you will have to work again, so it is a part-life of constant travel. Like a gap year but it may last a while depending on how much you saved.

Work Abroad

By this I mean you go abroad and get a job e.g. a summer camp, bar work, etc. I have put this in here just to say that this is not an option. You will not be creating a life of constant travel, you are just working in another location. Perhaps you travel from town to town taking short contracts, and then travel around the general area, but you do not have the ability to come and go as you please. You still have to show up to work, assuming you want to keep the job.

I’m not saying it is not a good way to travel. I did it for years and really enjoyed it, but it is not creating a life of constant travel. It is just working abroad.

Work Online

This includes any job you can do online such as writing, teaching, web design, photography, etc.

The problem is that any job where you are employed, whether you are working on-line or not, still means you have deadlines and things you HAVE to do in order to keep the job.

Also, you will be internet reliant to make money. Maybe not all the time, e.g., you can write off-line, but it isn’t called an on-line job for nothing.

Create a Residual Income

Now this is where it is at. If you can create an income that keeps giving then you can truly live a life of constant travel.

There are many ways to create a residual income, but they all basically revolve around building a business of some kind. Even if you residual income is based solely on investing, then investing is your business.

You have two choices.

  1. Build a residual income and then travel, therefore living off the residual income.
  2. Build a residual income whilst traveling.

Both have the same end result.

Number one means it will take longer for you to actually start traveling but your residual income will probably grow faster.

Number two means you need something to sustain your travels while to build the income.

Step Three – Go Do It.

Once you have your plan of how to create a residual income then you have to implement it, but you don’t just implement, you have to continue do do it. Persistence is the key.

More on Building a Residual Income

Create Time, Not Money

This is just my opinion but I find that many travelers feel the same way. It is not about creating a huge income, although it definitely has that potential, it is more about creating time.

If you create a residual income it means you do not have to work to get the income. You may have to work to increase the income, or even to sustain a certain level, but if you are happy for it to stay the same or perhaps drop slightly then you could stop working and still be okay.

Creating a residual income is also the way to create a massive income. You just compound the residual income streams, but this obviously means you need to work harder to create those streams. You should find the happy medium for yourself.

This doesn’t just apply to a life of constant travel. You can do this and then live however you want. It gives you freedom. Your are your own boss. Work on your own time.

The Option I Took – Travel Blogging

I figured that since I am traveling I should just take photos and write about my experiences. Actually it is not that simple. I also need to maintain the website, think about SEO, create income from advertisements and affiliates etc, but still, not a bad way to go.

Well that’s is for this post on how to create a life of constant travel. Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😀 .

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