Dambulla Cave Temple Review – Sri Lanka Day 4

Dambulla Cave Temple Review – Sri Lanka Day 4

This post is a Dambulla Cave Temple review. Dambulla is a city in the central province of Sri Lanka.

The Dambulla Cave Temple review also provides information about getting to Dambulla from Anuradhapura, a Dambulla accommodation review, directions, daily cost summary, other useful information, and perhaps also some not so useful personal observations and opinions.

The Dambulla Cave Temple is also known as the Dambulla Rock Temple, and like all tourist attractions in Sri Lanka (or so it seems so far) it is overpriced for tourists but locals get in for next to nothing, actually nothing in this case.

Getting to Dambulla From Anuradhapura

As soon as I was ready this morning I left Anuradhapura and headed for Dambulla.

I got dropped off at the OLD bus station by tuk tuk (50LKR), then I asked the first guy for the bus to Dambulla and one was leaving so I quickly jumped on.

It was air-conditioned, took about 1hour 45mins (I left at 1000am) and was comfortable enough. It cost 200LKR. You can probably get non air-conditioned ones for less.

Dambulla Accommodation Review – Blue Sky Guest House

Cost: 10.80USD/night for a standard single room, no aircon but has a fan.

The Blue Sky Guest house was good, basic accommodation with strong wifi. It was clean with good security. Friendly staff in a quiet area (most of the time). Good local restaurant across the road.

Two down points:

  1. My hot water didn’t work, although Im sure if I told them they’d fix it pretty quick.
  2. A bit far from town, about 4km… but to be fair, there’s not much in town anyway. A tuk tuk is about 150LKR.

Book your stay at the Blue Sky Guest Housein Dambulla.

Address: 44 Mile Post, Kandy Road, Dambulla

Dambulla Cave Temple review - Blue Sky Guest House Review Dambulla

Blue Sky Guest House

Getting to the Blue Sky Guest House in Dambulla

From the bus station you can catch a Tuk Tuk for 200LKR max.

Alternatively, walk south on the Jaffna – Kandy road (the same road the bus stop is on) for about 4km. You will walk past the Golden Temple and Cave Temple about 400 meters. Turn right down the lane where the sign to the Relax Guest House is (you can see the Blue Sky Guest House sign if coming from the other way). The Blue Sky Guest House is just there on your left.

Dambula Cave Temple Review

By the time I had checked in to my accommodation it was mid afternoon, so I decided to do the Dambulla Cave Temple (hence this Dambulla Cave Temple Review), which is only about 500m up the road.

Before going in I got a good rice curry for 250LKR from a little store in the markets across the road from the Dambulla Cave Temple.

It’s a good walk up the stairs so make sure you buy the ticket (1500LKR) before you climb them. The ticket booth is located next to the stairs that lead you up to the temple.

The Rock Temple is basically a temple carved into a rock. There are some (quite a few actually) Buddhas up/in there. What impressed me most was the paintings on the cave walls. Just lots of images of Buddha, hand painted. I played ‘spot the difference’ by myself for a few minutes then went to look at the monkeys and walk around the herb garden, which seems to be not-maintained in the slightest, but also has monkeys.

Across the road are some market type stalls.

I know, not a very extensive Dambulla Cave Temple review, but all in all I think it was worth the 1500LKR. A nice way to spend a few hours.

Getting to the Dambulla Cave Temple

A tuk tuk from the Dambulla bus station should not cost you more than 200LKR.

Otherwise, you can walk straight down Kandy road for about 3.5km.

Costs Summary for Dambulla Cave Temple Review


Rice curry . 250LKR
Potato Samosas and small OJ. 110LKR
Fruit. 180LKR
Chicken Kotta. 250LKR
Food Costs Total: 780LKR


Tuk tuk to bus stop. 50LKR
Bus to Dambula. 200LKR
Tuktuk to Blue Sky Guest House. 200LKR
Transport Costs Total: 450LKR


Entry fee to Dambulla Cave Temple: 1500LKR
Sightseeing Costs Total: 1500


Blue Sky Guest House for 2 nights: Approx 3000LKR
Accommodation Costs Total: 3000LKR

Grand Total for Day 4 in Sri Lanka: 5730LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $43.10

Well that’s it for my Dambulla Cave Temple review aka Dambulla Rock Temple. There isn’t much else sight-seeing wise going on in Dambulla, but it is a nice central place for going to other places.

Do you agree with this Dambulla Cave Temple review? Feel free to leave your own Dambulla Cave Temple review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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