Daytona Beach and Miami, Florida, USA.

Daytona Beach and Miami, Florida, USA.

This post is a short “diary entry” of my time in Daytona Beach and Miami, Florida.

It also includes a simple “cure” for treating gastro, which I contracted during a hurricane whilst in Daytona Beach.

There’s a bit of a tradition where after summer camp where everyone goes to Daytona for a kind of “last hoorah”. It’s basically three days of getting shit-faced and I don’t really rate it that high but I did go in my first two years at camp.

Part-ay-ing in Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach itself is actually pretty sh*t as far as things to do (don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful). It’s a beach town famous for car racing, but there really isn’t much else to it. The first time I went there was a hurricane. There is basically only two things I took away from that little trip.

  1. Sex on a beach while there’s gale force winds is definitely an experience to be had.
  2. No matter how first world the country you’re in is, if there’s a big storm DO NOT drink the tap water.
Daytona Beach - Hurricane - Survive Travel

Hurricane winds in Daytona Beach.

Treating Travelers Diarrhoea a.k.a. Gastro

It was in Daytona Beach that I had the worst gastro I have EVER had. I was literally in tears on the floor, drinking Powerade to re-hydrate then throwing it back up 10 minutes later. This lasted about three days which included a 10 hour or so drive to Miami (we’ll get to Miami in a minute).

I’ve since learnt the best way to deal with gastro whilst traveling and it goes as follow: Imodium, boiled rice, water. Nothing else.

Once your diarrhoea and constant throwing up cease, use electrolytes. Technically speaking, if it last over 24 hours you should go to hospital, but I’m quite stubborn about stuff like that.

The second time I went to Daytona was pretty much the same as the first minus the hurricane and gastro. I remember pulling an all night bender, which by the end my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest, and all I had was alcohol (I think).

Daytona Beach - Featured - Survive Travel

Sunset in Daytona Beach… the night before the Hurricane.

Miami, Florida

I don’t really have much to say about Miami either. Its hot, there’s a beach and a lot of beautiful people. It’s like it is on TV.. no lie.

Have you been to Daytona Beach or Miami before? Let us know you thoughts in the comments 😀 .

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