25 Delicious Cambodian Foods

I had kept hearing that Cambodian food wasn’t that good so I didn’t have very high expectations. Luckily for me, I was mistaken and managed to come across 25 delicious Cambodian foods. I admit that Cambodian cuisine is not that good in comparison to other places in South East Asia. But places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam set a very high bar. Even if traditional Cambodian food isn’t half as good as these places, it is still pretty good.

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25 Delicious Cambodian Foods

Cambodia uses both the USD and their local money (riel). 4000KHR is 1usd.

Some of these Cambodian food names I made up myself.

1. Bánh Mì Khơme

This was a pretty amazing dish. Toasted French bread with quail egg, sausage, and Chinese style “floss”. Chinese “floss” is a sweet, shredded meat. It has some other random stuff also along with mayonnaise and a sweet but kinda spicy sauce.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (2) - Savory Bread Dish - Survive Travel

“BBQ” bread.

2. Kuy Teav

It seems that no matter where you go in Asia you can rely upon noodle soup to be cheap, tasty, and filling. Since it is with boiling hot broth it is one of the safest street food to eat.

I chose well, beef, but Ayase got pork and liver. Also nice, but neither of us like liver. I also got my favorite type of noodle, flat rice noodle. Of course, you can choose other noodle types. Also, different vendors will have some different ingredients, such as the vegetables.

2,500KHR per bowl.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (1) - Beef Noodle Soup - Survive Travel

Beef noodle soup. The dish I ate the most while in Cambodia.

3. Num Pang

This is like Vietnamese Bahn Mi. Some pickled vegetables and a few different types of meat in crispy French bread. Very tasty.

4000 – 8000KHR depending on whether you get it, if it comes on a plate, etc.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (3) - Bahn Mi - Survive Travel

Bahn Mi.

4. BBQ Banana

This is a common snack. A few small bananas straight on the BBQ. 1000KHR. Unlike in the Philippines, they don’t coat it with sugar, so not as sweet but much healthier.

I don’t know what the other thing is but it was a little sweet. I thought tapioca or sweet potato. Ayase said it might be white bean which is like what they have in Japan. Also 1000KHR.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (4) - BBQ Banana - Survive Travel

BBQ’d bananas in a plastic bag.

5. Crispy Flat Bread

I’m calling this crispy flatbread for lack of a better name. I doubt if it was even bread. It could be rice. It has the texture of an Indian style popadom, but a plain taste. It’s a good little snack. 1000KHR.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (5) - Crispy Bread - Survive Travel

Some kind of popodum type bread.

6. Chha Kuy Teav

Fried noodles are another staple dish of all Asian countries. The Cambodian street-food version is pretty good. I like the flat rice noodles best, but they are all good.

About 4000KHR on the street, $1.50+ in a sit-down restaurant.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (6) - Fried Noodles - Survive Travel

Fried noodles. A standard asian dish.

7. Samlar Machu

A sour chicken soup. It wasn’t that sour, but it was delicious. With rice in a local restaurant, it cost $2.50usd. Ayase and I could have shared it and it would have been enough for lunch. We didn’t realize this before ordering.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (7) - Sour Chicken Soup - Survive Travel

Sour chicken soup.

8. Tom Yum Soup

While I ate Sour Chicken Soup, Ayase went at the Tom Yum. Same idea as Thai Tom Yum but with a bit of a Cambodian twist. I liked the sour chicken soup better, but this was also very good. Also, the Tom Yum had many more vegetables which is always a good thing.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (8) - Tom Yam Soup - Survive Travel

Cambodian Tom Yam Soup.

9. Cambodian Omelette

Our first meal in Siem Reap was a good one at a local restaurant. Ayase picked this awesome omelet type dish. It was very tasty and only $1.75usd with rice or bread.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (9) - Cambodian Omelette - Survive Travel

Cambodian Omelette.

10. Lok Lak

The following night, after a big day at Angkor Wat, I got this from a sidewalk eatery. Somewhat of a beef casserole. Very good although adding a bit of chili was more to my liking.

It was also available in pork or chicken.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (10) - Lok Lak - Survive Travel

Lok lak. A signature Cambodian dish.

11. Fried Corn

This is exactly what it sounds like. Corn fried. They added some spices. It was actually pretty tasty. $1.50usd.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (11) - Fried Corn - Survive Travel

Fried corn.

12. Fruit Shakes/Juices

These little stands are very common and are much the same as in Thailand. I’d rather get a fresh coconut since they use a lot of condensed milk in the fruit shakes – though you can ask them to omit it.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (12) - Fruit Juice - Survive Travel

Guy making fruit shakes.

13. Cambodian Pancake

This is another item which is the same as the Thai version, apart from the presentation. In Thailand, they put it on a plate and cut it into squares. In Cambodia, they roll it up. Either way, it tastes delicious.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (13) - Pancakes - Survive Travel

Lady making pancakes.

14. Amok

This is like a Khmer style coconut curry. It is very good. I got this as part of a set meal with rice, salad, spring rolls, and fruit, all for around $5.00usd. It was a ridiculous amount of food for the price.

15. Beef Stew and Rice Porridge

This dish was amazing and it is exactly what the title describes. It also came with a sauce which we guess is miso.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (15) - Beef Stew and Rice Porridge - Survive Travel

This restaurant served beef stew and rice porridge as a set, but usually you only order one or the other.

16. Fried Morning Glory

This doesn’t look too interesting but morning glory is one of my favorite vegetables. It is called Kan Kong in other Asian countries (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).

It usually comes with rice and sometimes has some type of meat mixed in.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (16) - Fried Morning Glory - Survive Travel

Morning glory, a.k.a., kan kong.

17. Bai Chha

Fried rice is in every Asian country I have ever been to. It is a good staple for travelers and locals alike.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (17) - Fried Rice - Survive Travel

Fried rice – A staple all over Asia.

18. Curry Pasted Chicken

We got this from a small restaurant in Sihanoukville. We actually got quite a few good dishes from this restaurant but the pictures didn’t turn out so good. Don’t worry, I got the same dishes again and they are later on in the list.

It is pretty much as the name described. They coat the chicken (or whatever meat you want) in curry paste and pan fry it. Pretty tasty.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (18) - Curry Pasted Chicken - Survive Travel

Curry pasted chicken.

19. Kep Blue Crab

I don’t like seafood but thought since Kep is famous for it I gave it a go. Besides, I like to re-try things every few years in case my tastes change. They hadn’t.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (20) - Kep Blue Crab - Survive Travel

Kep is famous for fresh crab.

20. Naem Chao

I guess being so close to Vietnam it is not surprising there are Vietnamese spring rolls in Cambodia. These cost about $2.00usd from Kampot.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (21) - Fresh Spring Rolls - Survive Travel

Fresh spring rolls.

21. Tofu Cream Soup

Kampot had lots of good little restaurants and I managed to find this little gem. I only saw it once in my whole time in Cambodia.


Delicious Cambodian Foods (22) - Tofu Cream Soup - Survive Travel

Tofu cream soup.

22. BBQ and Hotpot

Cambodian Hotpot is pretty similar to Chinese Hotpot. A boiling broth and cook it yourself meats and vegetables.

One night we ordered BBQ beef and vegetables. We were a bit surprised the vegetables were raw but it turned out to be a very nice meal.

$4.50usd with rice.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (23) - Cambodian BBQ and Hotpot - Survive Travel

BBQ beef and vegetables.

23. Spicy Rib Soup

This dish wasn’t actually spicy, but it was delicious, and I was happy that there was a good amount of vegetables in it.

7000KMR with rice.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (24) - Spicy Rib Soup - Survive Travel

Spicy rib soup. Not very spicy, but delicious.

24. Ginger Chicken

This was my favorite meat-based dish in Cambodia. It is exactly as you would think… chicken cooked with ginger. It is also available with pork or beef.

7000KMR with rice.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (25) - Ginger Chicken - Survive Travel

Ginger chicken.

25. Seaweed Soup

The last item in this list of delicious Cambodian foods is this seaweed and vegetable soup. We didn’t know what we were gonna get when we ordered it since the name was Cambodian. We were happy when it arrived.

7000KMR with rice.

Delicious Cambodian Foods (26) - Seaweed Soup - Survive Travel

One of the last things I ate in Cambodia – Seaweed soup.

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I enjoyed Cambodian food. It’s true they don’t use as many spices and flavors as some of their neighbors, but condiments are often on the table. Also, it is very cheap. We never paid more than $7usd for a meal, for two of us, and that time even included a couple of drinks.

Did you enjoy these 25 delicious Cambodian foods? If so, please share them with your friends.

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