20 Delicious Filipino Foods

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The Philippines may not be famous for its food like its South East Asian neighbors, but it is still pretty good. I admit that I wasn’t very impressed at the start, but as I delved more into the local cuisine I really took to it. The food in the Philippines is quite different from other countries I’ve been to. Its history gives way to Spanish and American influence, and thanks to its neighbors, there is plenty Asian flavors too.

Like everything in the Philippines, food is really cheap. Even eating in a “tourist bar” I’ve never paid more than $5usd for a meal. In local places it was more like $2.

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20 Delicious Filipino Foods

1. Silog

There are a whole bunch of dishes with silog at the end, so I figure Silog is the way it is cooked… shallow fried I’m guessing. It is basically rice, egg and whatever type of meat you choose. It tastes nice, especially when they put some garlic in the rice, but I don’t like that it has no vegetables.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Tapsilog - Survive Travel

Tapsilog – Tapa (pork I think), egg and rice – 68php

2. Guisado / Afritada

These are two seperate dishes but I put them together because they are basically the same. The only difference is that one of them has beans and the other doesn’t – at least that is what the waitress told me. I can’t be sure which is which, but I feel like Guisado is the one with beans.

Basically it it meat and vegetables (or purely vegetables if you choose) in a tomato-based sauce. It is pretty good.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Guisado - Survive Travel


3. Jackfruit

I didn’t recognise this as Jackfruit but I posted it on Instagram and someone said that’s what it was, so there you go.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Jackfruit - Survive Travel


It’s an interesting fruit. I found it hard to eat but that is probably just because I don’t know how. I eneded up just cutting it in half and digging in on the flesh. The tastes is pretty good. Sweet but not as sweet as mangostein. Also has hints of sour. It has many seeds inside, so you basically suck the flesh off the seeds.

I wouldn’t get it again, just because it is cumbersome to eat, but I enjoyed the taste.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Jackfruit - Survive Travel

Tastes nice but cumbersome to eat.

Other fruits I saw a lot of are fairly common in tropical Asia including a few of my favorites like mangostein, mangoes and bananas.

4. Roadside Eatery

There are these little roadside eateries all over the place. It is basically home cooking. It tastes good and is cheap.

They have a little stall with several dishes and you just choose what you want. They’ll offer a side of rice and will usually ask you how many you want. I guess a lot of Filipinos would get two or more serves of rice. Of course you can opt for none.

I liked this a lot because it is authentic home-style Filipino cooking and you can just choose. The three dishes below cost a total of 75psp, which is about $1.50usd.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Roadside Eateries - Survive Travel

All the above for 75php, which is about $1.50usd.

5. Chicken Curry

Since discovery the awesomeness of roadside eateries I ended up eating at one for pretty much every meal so the next few things are typical dishes from these types of eateries, starting with this one, curry.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Chicken Curry - Survive Travel

Not spicy but very tasty.

6. Dumpling

The roadside eateries often have some kind of Chinese style dumpling fair. This picture gives no justice because this was the best dumpling I have very had, and after living in China for three years I’ve had a lot. That’s chilli on top… winner winner, dumpling dinner… YUM!

Delicious Filipino Foods - Dumpling - Survive Travel

After living in China I’ve had my fair share of dumplings… this is up there with the best of them! It’s Filipino name is Sio Mai.

Spring rolls (meat only) were another Filipino foods “dumpling” item which I saw pretty often. They are often referred to as Shanghai Rolls.

7. Mixed Vegetables

Pumpkin, beans, eggplant (aubergine) and perhaps something else. I think it is roasted or perhaps just stewed a little. Vegetables isn’t high on the Filipino diet but this vegetable mix was common. Bitter gourd was another that I saw often but I dislike it.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Mixed Veg - Survive Travel

Mixed Veg – Top left of this picture.

8. Pork and Vegetables

I’m sure all these small dishes have their own names but I’m just calling it how I see it. This is the last of the common roadside items I will “feature” but others I had a go at were fish, shrimp cakes and various types of noodles.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Pork and Vegatables - Survive Travel

Pork and Vegetables – Top left of this picture.

9. Boho Juice

On the trail to Kawasan Falls in Moalboal there is this guy selling Boho Juice for 5php. It came in a little plastic bag and was nice. I’m pretty sure it is just sweetened coconut milk.

Filipino Foods - Boho Juice - Survive Travel

Boho Juice a.k.a. sweetened coconut milk.

10. Noodles

This dish had a word preceding “Noodles”, but I can’t remember what it was. Anyway, it was pretty much stir fried glass noodles. Although vegetables are not a big ticket item in Filipino food I did find that green beans seemed to make an appearance fairly often. I am not a fan of the taste of green beans but it was still pretty good.

Delicious Filipino Foods - Noodles - Survive Travel

This is just one type of noodles found in the Philippines.

11. Mungbean Soup

When I was told this was mungbean soup I was expecting it to be sweet but to my delight it was savoury. I ended up seeing this dish quite a lot in the small food stalls. I think it is popular for breakfast.

Filipino Foods - Mungbean Soup - Survive Travel

Mungbean soup in the Philippines is savoury unlike some other Asian countries where they sweeten it.

12. Halo Halo

When I was working in China one of my colleges/friend went to the Philippines. Upon his return he said I had to try Halo Halo. What he described to me was similar to ABC (I don’t know what it stands for) in Malaysia or “Cold Porridge” in China. All these dishes are pretty similar but do have their differences.

Filipino Foods - halo halo 2 - survive travel

At first taste it was pretty plain… just shaved ice, but then I figured out you have to mix it all together. The first image in this post is the “before” picture.

13. Siu Pao

This is just Bao Zi (Chinese steamed buns) but in classic Filipino style it is very meat heavy.

Filipino Foods - Siu Pao - Survive Travel

Siu Pao = Bao Zi – Chinese Steamed Bun with meat inside.

14. Banana Chips

Unlike everything else on this list of delicious Filipino foods I only saw this item once, not to say it is not common. I feel like every market place would have them if you were on the look-out.

I bought it off some guy in the street for 10php.

Filipino Foods - Banana Chips - survive travel

Dried Banana Chips with sugar on top. Don’t leave them out cause the ants will get’em!

15. Jack-fruit Coconut Soup

This is a dish I haven’t come across before anywhere else in the world and when I was told the ingredients it seemed an odd mix, but tasted not too bad.

Filipino Foods - Jackfruit Coconut Soup - Survive Travel

The lady at the stall insisted I have it.. though she didn’t have to try very hard.

16. BBQ

BBQ is popular in the Philippines. In Cebu City there is a whole food court and every single place just sells BBQ. Unlike Chinese BBQ there is no vegetables. It is all meat!

Filipino Foods - BBQ - Survive Travel

Outside my accommodation in Talibon, Bohol.

17. Sugar Coated Banana

I had no idea what these Filipino foods were when I bought it and I thought I bought two different items. Turns out they are all the same thing. Tasted fine though so wasn’t unhappy about the purchase.

They call this Banana-Q. You can get Camote-Q also, which is the same but with sweet potato.

Filipino Foods - Caramilezed Banana - Survive Travel

Basically a banana on a stick covered in sugar. It’s still healthy right?

18. Roasted Chicken

There is this roasted chicken franchise in even the smallest towns. I never got chicken from it but it did smell good and was pretty popular with the locals.

They are not the only place to get roasted (or fried) chicken. It’s everywhere.

Filipino Foods - Roasted Chicken - Survive Travel

A roasted chicken chain store.

19. Coconut Vegetable Soup

I actually ate this the same day I had the Jack Fruit coconut soup. It was nice.

Filipino Foods - Vegetable Coconut Soup - Survive Travel

Beans, squash and some other vegetables in a coconut soup.

20. Pinoy Breakfast

I got this from my hotel in Cebu City. Not the first time I had eaten a Pinoy Breakfast. It is basically rice, eggs, and your choice of a variety of meats depending on what they had, e.g., hot dog, chorizo, ham, bacon, just to name a few.

Filipino Foods - Pinoy Breakfast - Survive Travel

Pinoy Breakfast

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