Getting Pampered at Dragon Hill Spa, Seoul, South Korea

Getting Pampered at Dragon Hill Spa, Seoul, South Korea

I had a friend in China that used to teach English in Korea and he told me that going to a Korean Bath House was a must do, so we did, and it was great. We chose to go to a more tourist friendly bath-house called Dragon Hill Spa. It was much better than I expected, and really great value.

Cost(s): 13,000KRW/12 hours +1,000KRW every extra hour. At night time it goes up a bit to 15,000KRW/12 hours.

Address: 40-712 Hangangno 3(sam)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. +82 2-792-0001.

Getting Pampered at Dragon Hill Spa

The best bath-house I have been to was in Manzhouli where I un-intentionally stayed in a hotel that was also a bath house. I thought that was great. It’s got nothing on Dragon Hill Spa. This place has everything you need. You could live there.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel1

Pathway to the entrance.

I didn’t take many pictures because of all the naked people that would have been in them, so you don’t really get to see all the main parts of the place.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel2

Games area.

There are some common areas and also seperated men/women bathhouse areas.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel5

Computer room.

In the separated areas there are showers, saunas and spas. The men’s section had a barber. I’m not sure what the women’s section had.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel4

Barbers in the men’s section.

You get two lockers. One downstairs and another in either the mens/womens area.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel3

Rows of lockers in the mens area.

In the common areas are also numerous saunas and a few other interesting rooms such as the ice room, pyramid room (like a meditation room), and salt room. There’s a swimming pool, a couple of places to eat, a movie area, and some sleeping rooms. Most areas have free wifi.

Dragon Hill Spa, Survive Travel6

One of the sleeping rooms.

Things like arcade games, massages, body scrubs, food, etc. all cost extra. It gets charged to your locker bracelet and you pay on the way out. It is quite a good system.

I’m not sure how typical Dragon Hill Spa is compared to other Korean Bathhouses, but I really enjoyed it.

Getting to Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul

Dragon Hill Spa is very easy to find. Take the metro to Yongsan and take the exit that directs you to Sinyongan station. Go out and look to your right. You will see it.

Have you been to Dragon Hill Spa or another Korean Bath-house? Share your thoughts in the comments 😀 .

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