Estrella Falls Review, Narra, Palawan, Philippines

Estrella Falls Review, Narra, Palawan, Philippines

This post is an Estrella Falls review. Estralla Falls is found in Barangay Estrella in the town of Narra. This Estrella Falls review also contains costs, directions, pictures and other useful information.

Estrella Falls is probably the biggest tourist attraction in Narra.

My Filipina friend just picked me up on a motorcycle one afternoon and that is where we ended up.

Estrella Falls Review, Narra

Cost(s): Free, I think. Maybe they charge on weekends.

Address: Barangay Estrella, Narra, Palawan, Philippines.

I was pretty happy to be driving a motorcycle in the Philippines again. As usual, the views were amazing.

Estrella Falls Review - Getting there - Survive Travel

Scenery on the way to Estralla Falls.

We arrived at Estrella falls around 1645pm. It closes at 1700pm but ti was enough time to have a look. It must get packed on weekends because there are a lot of huts.

Estrella Falls Review -River - Survive Travel

You are not allowed to swim near the actual waterfall for safety reasons. It was too cold to swim for me anyway, but the locals were jumping off rocks into the water.

Estrella Falls Review - Swimming Section - Survive Travel

Locals having a swim.

After visiting Estrella Falls we went for a stroll on the beach near the La Vista Beach Resort. At the time of day we were there all the little crabs were very active. Fun to watch.

Estrella Falls Review -La Vista Beach -  Survive Travel

Beach near La Vista Resort.

How to Get to Estrella Falls in Narra

My Filipina friend whom I had met online borrowed her cousins motorcycle. It was about a 15 minute casual ride from Narra.

You could get a tricycle to take you. I don’t think I would pay more than 150php round trip for that.

You could also day-trip to Estrella Falls from Puerto Princessa.

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