Exploring Galle – Sri Lanka Day 10

Exploring Galle – Sri Lanka Day 10

This post is about exploring Galle. Galle is a well known city in Sri Lanka. There are many things of interest to see and do there.

This exploring Galle posts includes information on things to do in Galle, getting from Matara to Galle by bus, a Galle accommodation review, Galle Fort review, where to get stuff repaired in Galle (bags, shoes etc), and a really good bakery in Galle.

It also provides directions, a daily cost summary, other useful information, and perhaps also some not so useful personal observations and opinions.

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Getting from Matara to Galle by Bus

Getting from Matara to Galle by bus is a painless single bus ride. From the Matara bus station I caught bus #350 to Galle. It took a couple of hours and cost 60LKR. If you have big baggage you can put it at the front of the bus.

Galle Accommodation Review – Suwa Siri

Once I arrived in Galle I did a circle of the block away from the Fort to find some cheaper accommodation. I stumbled across the Suwa Siri. Not really a hotel, but not a guesthouse either. I guess it is closer to a hotel. Anyway, the owner is very nice (as are most Sri Lankans) and I bargained a room down to 1800LKR/night with a private bathroom. He also has rooms with shared bathrooms for 1500LKR.

No hot water, but who needs it in Sri Lanka. Decent internet, mosquito nets, small balcony, fan, clean, good security and good location.

This Galle Accommodation review was for a hotel/guesthouse that is not on any booking sites. If you want to be safe, you can book ahead your accommodation in Galle.

Getting to Suwa Siri

To get to Suwa Siri accommodation in Galle from the bus station first walk east until you get to Wakwella Rd, which is a main road about 100 meters or so away from the bus station.

Turn left (north) on Wakwella until you see the sign for Suwa Siri which is on the right, just after the Co-op Hospital (which is on the left). Go up the little road.

Exploring Galle

After settling in I went for a walk around exploring Galle. I checked out the train station to suss where to go to next (decided on Benota), bought some small eats for lunch and also purchased a bucket hat for 300LKR (I didn’t bargain).

Exploring Galle - Small Eats - Curry Ball

Surprise.. it’s filled with curry. It was a sphere but I squashed it.

I had left my cap back in Australia. Bucket hats are better. They offer more protection and scrunch down more for packing.

Exploring Galle - Small Eats - Savoury Cookie

Some type of savoury cookie which I did not like very much

Galle Fort Review

Cost: Free

After exploring Galle for a little bit I ended up at Galle Fort, which brings me to this Galle Fort Review.

Exploring Galle - Galle Fort Review - Cricket

Watching the cricket from the top of Galle Fort

You can walk along the walls for free and there are some small beaches along the way. Inside the streets are cafe’s restuarants, souvenier shops etc.

Exploring Galle - Galle Fort Review - Inside the Fort

Inside Galle Fort – I think they are taking the grass

I spent an hour or two there.

Exploring Galle - Galle Fort Review - Coastal View

Coastal view from the walls of Galle Fort

Getting to Galle Fort

Galle Fort is south of the bus and train stations and the big clock can not be missed. Just walk to it. See the map above.

Where to Get Stuff Repaired in Galle (Bags, Shoes etc)

On the way to Galle Fort I came across a street that seems to be the place to get stuff repaired in Galle. I approached the bag mender and got him to sew the end of my cotton bed-sheet which I had acquired from Kandy, so the bit I cut would stop fraying. He only charged me 50LKR and was a good guy, so I decided to let him fix my bag also. He charged me 80LKR to put new buckles on it and did it in about five minutes.

Right next to him was a guy fixing shoes. He seemed to know what he was doing. If I needed shoes fixed that’s who I’d go to.

The location of this guy is also on the map above.

A Really Good Bakery in Galle

After Galle Fort I continued exploring Galle and went on the hunt for fruit and an egg sandwich for tomorrow morning (my staple breakfast in Sri Lanka). I came across this really good bakery in Galle. I was impressed by it so I thought I’d give it a special mention. Better then any other bakery I’ve seen in Sri Lanka, and well priced.

I didn’t have so much luck with fruit. I went to a guy on the street who tried to charge me 300LKR for 6 small oranges. I got him down to 240 and reluctantly paid. I let him know that I know he is cheating me but paid anyway.. I should have just walked away. Next to the bus station is a lady selling them for 20LKR a piece. From now on, 3 for 100 is the max I will pay.

Had chicken fried rice for dinner from a place near my accommodation which cost 200LKR and was pretty good.

Costs Summary for Exploring Galle – Sri Lanka Day 10


Small Eats. 70
Small Eats. 50
Coke. 50
Breakfast Foods. 300
Fried Rice. 200
Food Costs Total: 670LKR


Bus to Galle. 60LKR
Transport Costs Total: 60LKR


Hat. 300LKR
Fix Sheet. 50LKR
Fix Bag. 80LKR
Other Costs Total: 430LKR

Grand Total for Day 10 in Sri Lanka: 1160LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $8.75

Today was really hot so I am glad I got my bucket hat while exploring Galle. This is a busy city and I’m sure there is a fair bit to do here. I’m undecided how long I will stay in Galle for yet, but I’ll suss it out tomorrow.

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Have you been exploring Galle before? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Galle (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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