The Best Way to Explore On a Budget

The Best Way to Explore On a Budget

This is an opinion piece on what I think to be the best way to explore on a budget. It is somewhat adventurous and may not suit some people, but I like it.

The best way to explore on a budget (as far as I am concerned) is the “bus ride to nowhere” method.

This activity does have the potential of going horribly wrong so here are few tips.

The Best Way to Explore On a Budget

Whether it be a country, city or just the other side of town, hop on some public transport, pick a random station or stop, get off, and just walk around. Don’t worry about getting lost, you can always find your way back.

Tip #1. Make sure you have everything you need to survive

  • Make sure you have some cash on you for food (preferably small bills/change).
  • Carry a survival kit (including medical kits) just in case.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Warm clothes and a raincoat. ALWAYS be prepared for cold weather and rain.

Tip #2. Take trains when you can

This depends on how adventurous you are. In general, trains are much easier to navigate than buses, and the ticket machines are usually easy to figure out.

Tip #3. Look back when walking

This will help you remember where you came from and increase your awareness.

Tip #4. Write the address of your hotel down in native characters

This way you can just point at them to a taxi driver. Do the same with the airport and other useful places.

Tip #5. Know where the ‘dodgy’ areas are and avoid them

One time in New York I caught the subway in the wrong direction and ended up in the Bronx. Luckily it was in the middle of the day. I walked around for a little bit but I’m pretty sure I saw a gang of Crypts at the bus station. I decided not to catch that bus and headed back to the subway.

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Tip #6. Start off in the morning and give yourself the whole day

You may just get lunch and go back to the city (or wherever you’re staying), or you may get stuck for a while.

My planned “short trip” turned into 36 hours in Malaysia due to infrequent buses. I was later told by a local that the buses only come once or twice a week. That local was the youngest of a traditional Kam Pung (a traditional Malaysian village) family who took me in for the night. This turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in Malaysia.

For those that aren’t so inclined you can stick to taxis to the museum, but for everyone else, I highly recommend the ‘bus to nowhere’ method. The minor mishaps you may have on the way are definitely worth what you may encounter. For me it truly is the best way to explore on a budget.

What is your best way to explore when on a budget? Let us know your budget travel tips (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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