3 Steps for Finding the Best Accommodation in 15 minutes

3  Steps for Finding the Best Accommodation in 15 minutes

This post details how I go about finding the best accommodation in 15 minutes.

Note: This information is out of date. Find the updated (and much simpler) version on the resources page.

When I first started traveling I spent hours comparing websites to find the best deals.

Over the years I have refined the process so that I can find the best accommodation in 15 minutes.

The information in this post is from the book “How to Travel on a Budget” by Aventuras De Viaje.

What classifies as the best accommodation?
Well, it is dependent on what you are looking for, which happens to be step one.

Finding the Best Accommodation in 15 minutes

1. Know What You Want

Facilities, budget, and location are the three things to look at here. Know what your criteria are.

Facilities are those things which you want the accommodation to have. List those that are important to you, and also prioritize them. This is so if your budget does not allow for it you can concede on a sliding scale.

I’ll use me as an example.

  • I am not much of a people person and I like to work so I want a private room. This is the highest priority for me.
  • If it is hot I at least want a fan, and if it is cold then heating becomes a must.
  • I like to have a private bathroom. It is not 100% necessary but if it is within my budget then I will get it.
  • Having a kettle is a big plus for me since if I wanted to I could cook with it.
  • Free internet used to be a must for me, and it is still pretty important. These days I always get a sim card with internet which is enough to do what I need. Every now and again I can go somewhere with wifi and work for a couple of hours to “catch up”.
  • A fridge is nice but not a necessity.
  • Air con, TV, toiletries, etc. are all nice bonuses for me, but not something I look for.
  • I don’t care so much about free breakfast. It is a nice bonus and if everything else is the same then the one with free breakfast is a decision maker.

What is your maximum budget per night?

For me, this is relative to my location. I usually go for the cheapest thing that meets my criteria. 20USD a night is usually my maximum in a non-western country.

If I am coming in late I will catch a taxi, so having accommodation closer to the airport (or bus station) is better. In all other circumstances, I usually go for somewhere with easy access to the sites. Preferably a little out of the city but still with things to do nearby.

2. Compare Your Options

This is the step that takes the longest. Go to HotelLook.com and search the city you want. Sort the results by price then go down the list looking at the maps. Note the ones that are both in your price range and in the location you want. This should narrow things down quite a lot. Do not choose more than five. I usually pick the cheapest three in the right location. Compare your choices and pick one.

3. Book Your Accommodation

Once you have found the place you want, book it. Don’t um and ah over it re-reading reviews. It’s a massive time waster. Just book the one you think is the best for your needs. Do not book it for more than a couple of nights so if you don’t like it it is no big loss. I usually don’t book anything for more than one night. If I decide I like it I re-book it for how long I want.

Do you have your own method in finding the best accommodation? Let us know it (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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