10 Delicious Foods of Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Philippines

10 Delicious Foods of Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Philippines

Discover 10 delicious foods of Bagasbas Beach. This post on delicious foods of Bagasbas Beach includes pictures, costs, and other useful information as well as some (perhaps not so useful) personal ranting.

The food in Bagasbas Beach isn’t anything special, but I stayed there for a week and tried pretty much every eatery/restaurant there so I thought I would share my opinion of the foods of Bagasbas Beach.

Think of this as a “food tour of Bagasbas Beach.”

10 Delicious Foods of Bagasbas Beach

Starting from the White Waves Hotel (where I stayed) and moving north I will go through each place I think is good value, i.e., good food and cheap.

If you do not know what some of the foods mentioned are you can check out this post on the foods of Bicol.

1. Goto

The lady in this shop makes the best goto I have had in the Philippines. More ingredients, more flavor, and still at the low price of 25 to 30php.

She also sells Lugaw which as far as I can tell is just plain Goto, i.e., no meat bits, spring onion, etc.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Goto - Survive Travel

Best Goto (rice porridge) in the Philippines.

2. Take Out Only

Hands down this lady makes the best of the foods of Bagasbas Beach and most dishes are only about 35php. I only ever needed one dish with rice to fill me up for lunch. Only thing is that she is predominately take-out so does not sell rice. Fortunately you can get rice from the place next door (10php a serve). The lady from the first place will happily give you a plate and cutlery so you can dine in.

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If you’re really hungry you can get the dish to-go and then eat it with Goto, or sometimes I mixed it into Mami (#5).

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Best food - Survive Travel

The best food in Bagasbas Beach.

3. A Restaurant

If you want the “real restaurant” feel then this place is the place to go. It is a little pricier but the food is good and good atmosphere (if you are sick of the KTV in every other joint around).

The owner’s brother speaks very good English and is great to chat to with lots of travel tips.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Nice Guy - Survive Travel

Food is okay. The owners brother is a good guy.

4. BBQ

At night it is a man running this little BBQ cart. It is pretty much the same as all the other BBQ carts in the Philippines but he has special dipping sauces which I am guessing he makes himself. One is sweet and the other is sweet/spicy.

Most of the other BBQ places and various vendors only appear on weekends but this one is around every day.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - BBQ - Survive Travel

Street BBQ.

5. Mami and Siomai

Another vendor that is always about is this one which sells good Mami for 20php. They also have Siomai, 10php for 3 pieces, but it is not so fresh. I usually got 3 and put it in my Mami.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Mami - Survive Travel

Mami for 20php and Siomai 10php for 3 pieces.

6. Ice-cream

This guy goes up and down the street ringing his bell selling ice-cream from 20php up (or maybe he has some even cheaper.)

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Icecream - Survive Travel


7. Boho Ice Lolly

A couple of kids walk around and sell these ice lollies for 7php. I’m pretty sure it is made from Boho juice (coconut). They are pretty good, and refreshing.

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Sorry, no picture.

8. Halo Halo with Cheese

One place south of the White Waves Hotel is the Lighthouse Resort, which has a restaurant attached called Catherines. It’s pretty swank and I wouldn’t usually eat there but it is the only place I could find with halo halo. One other place does advertise it but I went there three times and it was never available. Anyway, the Halo Halo at the Lighthouse Resort is not your typical Halo Halo. In Bicol they put cheese in it, and then in the resort the “fancy it up” a little.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach - Halo Halo with Cheese - Survive Travel

Halo Halo with cheese.

9. Leo’s

Leo’s is just acouple of doors up from the White Waves Hotel and is probably the most popular restaurant in Bagasbas, at least it seems to have the most amount of customers. Apparently it is also the oldest restaurant here, although to me it looks like one of the nicest. The food is pretty good and the prices are reasonable.

Another restaurant a few more doors down has a Japanese cook who makes a really good Tofu dish (Tokwa). I can’t remember the name but it is the one that is very dark and has some little huts at the front where you can eat while looking over the beach. They also have a lot of valentines decoration which I guess they thought looked good so didn’t bother to take them down.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach.

Sinigang from Leo’s.

10. White Waves Hotel

The last place I want to mention in this list of foods of Bagasbas Beach is the White Waves Hotel which is where I took up accommodation while I was in Bagasbas Beach. The husband of the manager is a pretty good cook and for 50php they let you in on their home cooked meals.

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I was also able to get a big plate of fresh fruit every morning for the same price.

Foods of Bagasbas Beach.

My daily breakfast fruit platter for the White Waves Hotel..

Do you know of any other delicious Bagasbas Beach foods that should be on this list? We’d love to hear about them or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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