Free Walking Tour of Colombo – Sri Lanka Day 15

Free Walking Tour of Colombo – Sri Lanka Day 15

This post includes getting from Kalutara to Colombo and my free walking tour of Colombo.

My neck is still a little sore but it is getting better every day. Sitting on a plane tomorrow will not help it, but it is about 80% now so I hope by tomorrow it’ll be all good.

This morning I discovered I had misplaced/lost my sunglasses and also not feeling 100%.. a little run down.

Tonight is a full moon, so it is a public holiday. Does that mean they have a public holiday at least once a month?

I said my goodbye’s to Adrian and Jenny (from the guest-house in Kalutara) and made my way to Colombo.

Getting From Kalutara to Colombo

I caught the train at 10:45 am from the North Kalutara train station. It only cost 40LKR, and getting a seat was not a problem.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Getting to Colombo from Kalutara

First time I’ve seen a train in Sri Lanka with sideways seats

Once in Colombo, I checked into the CityRest Fort Hostel, which I also stayed in on the first day I got to Sri Lanka.

Free Walking Tour of Colombo

The title is a bit misleading. I did not go on a free walking tour. It is only me walking around Colombo, but I did see a bunch of stuff, and it was free.

My original intention for the day was only to buy some sunglasses and a small mp3 player. On the way in I heard from two different people that the Gangaramaya Temple was worth the look.

My stroll to Gangaramaya Temple turned into a 5-hour walking tour of Colombo. Even better, not a penny spent on sightseeing.

Slave Island Police Station

The first place I came across was Slave Island police station. Nothing special, but the name entertained me. Haha… Slave Island. what do the police do there? Make sure no one gets paid?

Free walking tour of Colombo - Slave Island Police

Sri Lanka Airforce Base

The next thing I came across on my walking tour of Colombo was the Sri Lanka Airforce Base. Actually, some of it was before the Slave Island Police Station, but I took this picture after it.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Sri Lanka Air Force Base (SLAF)

SLAF. Sri Lanka Air Force. You can see the little guy in the cockpit.

Hindu Temple

I came across this Hindu Temple. No idea the name of it.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Hindi Temple

Much more impressive than the one In Kalutara.

Seema Malakaya

Seema Malakaya was the first thing actually worth noting that I came across. I had seen the picture on but couldn’t figure out where it was. Turn’s out I stumbled upon it during my walk. I was happy with that.

It was hot so I got an icy-pole for 30LKR.

Gangaramaya Temple

Finally, I got to Gangaramaya Temple which I did not get charged for, but it is because I went to the side door. Anyway, it was nice. There were lots of people there dressed in white and listening to the ‘preacher’. Someone told me that he talks all day.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Gangaramaya Temple

Inside Gangaramaya Temple

I went to the top floor and saw an elephant chained up and some tourist taking photos with it. It annoyed me a little bit cause I reckon it’s cruel and we (tourists) shouldn’t support it.

Colombo National Museum

I figured since I was in the area I would get out of the heat and see the museum. I’m not a big museum fan but I like to learn a bit about the countries history, etc.

This would have cost 500LKR, but it was closed due to the Full Moon Holiday.

Theatre House

Close to the museum was this theatre house. Nice design.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Theatre

Colombo Theater House

Vihara Maha Devi Park

The next place I stumbled upon during my walking tour of Colombo was a sight for sore eyes. A beautiful big park.

There were lots of people there (holiday) but it was still very pleasant. I had a nap under a tree.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Vihara Maha Devi Park

Vihara Maha Devi Park

Town Hall

Townhall is across the road from the Vihara Maha Devi Park. I didn’t go in and I’m not sure if you can.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Town Hall

Colombo Town Hall

I did also come across the Mayors House which looked nice, but I didn’t get a picture.

Victoria Memorial… Hospital?

This building looked funky so I snapped it. Upon closer inspection it says it is the hospital… could it be so?

Free walking tour of Colombo - Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial – might be the hospital

I was slowly fading having only had an icy pole since breakfast so on my way to the Pettah markets I got some small eats. Nothing I hadn’t tried before. 70LKR.

Pettah Floating Market

The Pettah Floating Market is not the street market. It is across the road from the bus station and has lots of souvenir shops and cafe type places.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Pettah Floating Market

Pettah Floating Market – Not the same thing as the street market

Pettah Street Market

Finally, I came to the Pettah Street Market. I was the last stop on my free walking tour of Colombo. Almost everything was closed due to the holiday.

A few workers about, the odd shop open, and these kids playing cricket in the street.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Pettah Street Market - Closed

Kids playing cricket where the Pettah Market would be if it was not a holiday

Luckily the stalls closer to the train station where still open. I got some fruit for the next morning (100LKR) and some sunglasses (330LKR). I tried to find an MP3 player but no-one seems to sell them with internal memory here.

Here’s a map of where I went. The green line represents roughly where I walked during my walking tour of Colombo.

Free walking tour of Colombo - Map of Colombo

Map of where I went in Colombo today

Back at the hostel, I met two German guys and we went for dinner. I had Beef Curry and Roti (300LKR).

Costs Summary for Free Walking Tour of Colombo


Small Eats. 70LKR
Fruit. 100LKR
Beef Curry and Roti. 300LKR
Food Costs Total: 470LKR


Train to Colombo. 40LKR
Transport Costs Total: 40LKR


CityRest Fort. 2300LKR (Approx)
Accommodation Costs Total: 2300LKR


Sunglasses. 330LKR
Other Costs Total: 330LKR

Grand Total for Day 15 in Sri Lanka: 3130LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $23.60

Have you ever done a self-guided free walking tour of Colombo before? Tell us all about it (or anything else you want to say) in the comments.

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