Getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs, Croatia

Getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs, Croatia

This post contains information and directions on getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs. I also has other useful information on getting around Bizovac including getting to the town and a ‘secret’ lake.

I read on Wikitravel to go to Bizovac for the natural thermal springs, but couldn’t find any other information on getting actually getting there.

It sounded like a good thing to do so we went to check it out.

Obviously, the first thing you need to do in getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs is to get to Bizovac. The closest ‘big city’ where tourists will come from is probably Osijek, which is where I came from.

Getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs

Getting to Bizovac

Catch a train from Osijek. The cost is 25.8 kuna for a return ticket that lasts three days, but it is an easy day trip.

Getting to Bizovac Town from the Train Station

Head east on Kolodvorska (the street out the front of the train station) then turn left on Suncana. At the end of this street turn right on Kralja Tomislava to the town, which is small but has a bakery, post office, supermarket and a few other things.

Getting to Bizovac Thermal Springs, Croatia. Train to Bizovac

The train to Bizovac

Getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs

I’m not 100% sure if this is what the guy on meant about the Thermal Springs, but I could not find any other alternative. So this is how to get to Bizovac health spas, or Bizovac Toplice.

From the train station, instead of turning left on Suncana (into town), turn right. Take the first left, which is also Suncana. Follow it. There is a water-park, and further on there is the health spas. We never actually went in so can’t tell you the price or anything, or even confirm if it is actually the Bizovac Thermal Springs.

Note:When I asked the locals about getting to Bizovac Thermal Springs, the Health Spa’s (Bizovac Toplice) is what they directed me to.

Getting to the Bizovac thermal springs

You’ll see this little ‘chapel’ on the way to the lake

A Better Place to Go Swimming in Bizovac

A better idea is to buy a sandwich for lunch from Osijek, and from the train station go straight to the lake we found (featured image).

From the front of the train station turn left (west), then immediately right at the no trucks sign. You’ll be heading in a NNW direction. Turn left at the end of this street, on Kralja Tomislava., then the first right on Petra Katancica. At the end of this road turn left and pick which way to go in the fork of the road. We went left. Go past the chapel, corn fields and dirt path until you get to the lake.

Getting to the Bizovac Thermal Hot Springs, Croatia. A better place to swim. Survive Travel Featured Image

The lake you can swim in in Bizovac.

Next Stop… Rijeka, Croatia
Bizojek was a day trip from Osijek. We went back to Osijek and then went onto Rijeka.

Although we didn’t actually end up getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs, being at the lake was really nice. It was an unexpected highlight of my time in Croatia.

Do you have experience getting to the Bizovac Thermal Springs in Croatia? Help out other readers and leave your tips and/or updated information in the comments 😀 .

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