Getting From Nanning To Vietnam

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam

This post explains getting from Nanning to Vietnam. Nanning is a city in China. It borders Vietnam as is the most convienient place for a land border crossing between the two countries.

Also, getting a Vietnamese visa from Nanning is very straight forward.

Besides catching a plane, there are a number of ways of getting from Nanning to Vietnam.

The main way is by bus and you can go to a number of different cities including Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh, Ha Long, and Haiphong.

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam By Train

Trains only go to Hanoi. Go to window 16 at the train station in Nanning. You will probably need your passport. Train number T8701 leaves at 1820 daily. You’ll arrive around 0400.

Once in Hanoi you can catch Bus #34 to the Old Quarter.

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam By Bus

You can get busses from Nanning to Thanh Hoa, Ninh Bing, Halong, Hanoi, and Haiphong.

All buses leave either from out the back of the Nanning International Tourism Distribution Center (NITDC) or from the Langdong Bus Station.

NITDC is a 10 minute walk from the train station. There are detailed instructions toward the end of this post. All tickets for getting from Nanning To Vietnam can be bought from NITDC, even if you plan to leave from Langdong Bus Station. You do not need your passport to buy the ticket.

Langdong is a 30-40 minute bus ride from the train station (#6 bus, and probably others).

Bus From Nanning To Hanoi

The ticket costs 168rmb and departs at 0745, 0820 and 0930 from the NITBC. There are also some more departing times but some information got cut out of my picture.

Bus From Nanning To Thanh Hoa

Ticket costs 178rmb and departs at 0820, 0850, 0930 from NITBC. Departs 0900, 1000 from Langdong Bus Station.

Bus From Nanning To Ninh Binh

Same departure times as to Thanh Hoa. Tickets cost 200rmb.

Bus From Nanning To Thanh Hoa

Tickets cots 220rmb and bus departs 0850 from NITBC and 0900 from LBS.

Bus From Nanning To Ha Long

This is what I did. Tickets cost 190rmb and the bus departs NITBC at 0850 or LBS at 0900.

Bus From Nanning to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

On the sign at the ticket counter there was also something written in Chinese. I don’t know what it says but going by the price of the ticket it may go to HCMC (Saigon).

Getting To the Nanning International Tourism Disctibution Center (NITBC) From Nanning Train Station

Walk out of the train station and turn left. Go past the comfort inn. Turn right on Youyi rd. There is a huge sign that you will see from the corner of the road. It takes about ten minutes to walk. The featured picture is what the NITBC looks like, photo courtesy of

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam

This is what I figure happens. Everyone crossing at the friendship pass boards the same bus. They give you a bottle of water, an apple and a cake type thing. There’s a toilet stop at about 1100. I needed to go to toilet really bad so asked them to stop, I don’t know if they would have stopped anyway. The bus was about half full.

About another 30 minutes we stopped again, seemingly for the soul purpose of changing money. According to Bank of China, and China Construction Bank, there is nowhere in Nanning that changes RMB to VND.

Getting From Nanning To Vietnam. Halong Beach Markets

Ha Long Beachfront Markets

Another short bus trip and we get off the bus. The give you a tag which is your car trolley (golf cart type thing) ticket. The trolley takes you to China immigration.

On the other side another trolley takes you to Vietnamese immigration. On the other side of this another trolley takes you to where the bus takes you to your final destination, wherever that is (such as Hanoi, Haiphong, etc.). This whole visa process took about an hour.

Vietnamese Menu. Getting From Nanning To Vietnam

The Menu From Where I Ate In Halong. Good translations and indication of prices. I don’t plan on spending over 70000 for a meal while in Vietnam.

I went to Halong, which was in a mini bus and was a bumpy ride. I arrived in Halong (Bai Chay) at 1830.

Have you ever gone from Nanning to Vietnam before? Help other readers out and give your tips (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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