Getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan via Houma, Yuncheng, China

Getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan via Houma, Yuncheng, China

This post explains getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan. If you are in the Yuncheng area and need a medical for your Chinese working visa, then you need to get to Taiyuan (not to be confused with Taiwan).

Here’s a recount of me getting from YuanQu to Taiyuan via Houma, to get my medical.

Actually, I think this is a pretty obscure post. YuanQu is a very small town (for China standards) in the North of China.

I doubt there will be very many people that actually have the need for these instructions, especially since they are in English.

Never the less, I had to do it, and maybe someone will find the information useful, so here it is.

Getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan

I set off on Wednesday afternoon. Getting from YuanQu to Taiyuan involves first going through Houma.

Getting From YuanQu to Houma

From YuanQu to Houma was a pretty standard bus ride, and took about two hours and cost 20rmb.

Houma as a lot bigger than I expected and walking around the markets full of street food was a good way to pass the time.

Houma at Night. Getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan

Some Kick Ass Carving In Houma

At about 2100pm I made it back to the train station to wait for my 0230 train to Taiyuan, which would be the second leg of my journey in getting from YuanQu to Taiyuan.

Getting From Houma to Taiyuan

I do not know how but I managed to miss the train. The ticket girl helped me exchange the ticket for the next train (0350) and then I nearly missed that too!

Luckily the girl that helped me exchange the ticket came into the waiting lounge to look for me. As it turns out you have to go to the gate 30 minutes before the train leaves.

I had a standing ticket but there were a lot of seats available so I managed to get some sleep.

The train from Houma to Taiyuan was about 45RMB and took about five and a half hours.

Getting the Medical in Taiyuan

At 0840 I arrived in Taiyuan and took a taxi straight to the medical center. It was a pretty thorough medical including blood, urine, X-ray, Blood pressure, sight, ultrasound and EKG. It took about an hour in total so then I went for food and a look around Taiyuan.

I did not go out of my way to see any of the temples that seem to be the attraction, but I did get to the museum.

Taiyuan Museum. Getting From YuanQu to Taiyuan

Taiyuan Museum

Getting Back to YuanQu From Taiyuan

This was much easier than getting from YuanQu to Taiyuan, since I took a direct bus.

The direct bus from Taiyuan to YuanQu cost about 120RMB (double the price of the train/bus combination) but only took four and a half hours in total with no transfer wait time and/or accommodation costs.

Have you had to travel from Yuanqu to Taiyuan before? We’d love to hear about your experiences, tips, or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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