Getting to the Zhejiang Yunhe Rice Terraces, Lishui, China.

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This post explains getting to the Zhejiang Yunhe Rice Terraces. Getting to the Yunhe Rice Terraces may seem a bit difficult but it’s definitely worth it. Actually, once you know how it is quite easy, and this post will teach you how. This post also has information on cheap accommodation in Lishui and Wenzhou.

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How to Get to Lishui

To get to the Yunhe Rice Terraces you first need to get to Lishui. You can get to Lishui by train or bus from a few different major cities including Wenzhou and Hangzhou 杭州.

We came from Wenzhou, 温州. Since it was only a pit stop for us on the way to Lishui we didn’t explore much.

1getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

Actually, Wenzhou it is a big city with lots to do so you might want to stay a couple of nights there.

Lishui (丽水) is approximately 2 hours and 20rmb by train from Wenzhou (温州). The #128 bus goes to the train station, but so will any bus with the stop 火车站.

2getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

Getting to the Zhejiang Yunhe Rice Terraces

Once you are in Lishui, the next step to get to the Yunhe Rice Terraces is getting to the West Bus Station. Catch any bus going to the stop Qi Che Xi Zhan (汽车西站). There are lots of them. From the train station, you could catch the K2, K3 or K6.

Update April 2018: The buses from Lishui to Yunhe leave from the East bus station, right at the train station of Lishui. Thanks to Stefan for the updated information via the comments.

Once at the West Bus Station in Li Shui, go into the ticket office and catch a long distance bus to Yunhe (云和). They leave often. Cost is 16rmb and it takes about 1 hour to get there.

When you arrive at Yunhe, go inside the bus station and go to gate #3. Catch the bus to Zhang Jia Di (张家地). Pay on the bus, 9.5rmb. Tell the person that collects the money that you want to go to Yunhe Ti Tian (云和梯田) and she will tell you when to get off.

3 getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

This bus is another hour journey up the winding mountain road. It drops you at the entrance at the top.

The Yunhe Rice Terraces costs 80rmb to go in and you will get to walk through the rice fields down the mountain. It took us about an hour to walk through at a very easy pace. At the bottom, there is a nice village that you walk through to get back on the main road.

To get back to town, catch all the same buses in reverse. The return fee for the bus to Yunhe is only 8.5rmb. I guess because you already walked halfway down the mountain. Judging from the map you get there is more to see. We took the bus back as it was late afternoon by the time we finished and we didn’t want to be stuck out there.

4getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

How to See the Lishui Yunhe Rice Terraces for Free

We didn’t do any of these methods but I figure there would be two ways to do this. You still have to catch all the buses, but instead of paying the 80rmb entry fee you could…

  1. Walk down the road instead of through rice fields and use the ‘scenic’ spots along the road.
  2. There are ticket checkers up the top, but if you walked from the bottom up there are none. At least there wasn’t when we went. Catch the bus halfway up the hill and walk up through the village to the rice fields. you will want to turn around before you reach the top to avoid the ticket checkers and then walk back down. Personally, I feel the 80rmb was money well spent.

Cheap Accommodation in Lishui

There is a hotel right across the road from the train station. 98rmb/night. There’s another one a few doors down from that which looks cheaper.

8getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

Alternatively, you can book ahead. Find your perfect accommodation using the form below.

Other Things to do in Lishui

Lishui surprised me a bit. It’s a nice town. Well organized and good food. Good night market also. Across the road from the train station is a square where people dance, play music, play badminton, etc.

To get to the night market (town), catch the bus to the stop with the last two characters 市场 (there are 6 characters in total). These last two characters are Shi Chang, which means market. Many buses go here including 7, 18 and 19.

9getting to the Yunhe Lishui rice terraces

Cheap Accommodation in Wenzhou

From the south train station (where the fast train will arrive), catch the #17 bus to 三 … something. Only two characters though.

We stayed at the Ke Lai Ja Business Hotel. It cost 144rmb/night. It was a nice room in a good location. Many buses go everywhere from this street. At night there is a good market and snack street outside.

Getting from Lishui to Hangzhou

Our next stop is Hangzhou to see the (杭州) Tea Fields.

To get from Lishui to Hangzhou, catch a train. Book it a day or two in advance to be safe. “Hou tian” is Mandarin for “the day after tomorrow”.

There are a few trains that go there in the afternoon, but none in the morning. The first one leaves at 1309, but don’t catch that because it takes 7 hours, and the rest of them only take 5. Try for the K8402. The cost is 48.5rmb. If there are no seats, get the next one. There is one every hour or so.

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  • GrahamReply August 26, 2015 at 06:16

    Thanks for these directions, for a non Chinese speaker we couldnt have made it without them. Everything from Lishui is still up to date even the times of the mini buses up to the rice fields. (26/08/15) My partner and I also did a short walk though one of the villages on the bus route and picked up one of the buses further down the hill. No need to wait at any of the bus stops, just flag down a bus. There was another scenic area at the bottom of the hill with what looked like pleasant walks along the river valley. It would have required getting off the bus later or a long walk so we skiped this bit and headed back to our hotel.

  • DarrenReply October 13, 2017 at 07:08

    I went there a couple months ago. This was really useful, but not quite current.

    I’m not sure if the high-speed line was open when you went, but it is now. There are ~12 trains/day from Shanghai-Hongqiao, taking 2¾h and costing 177.5 RMB. In front of the station exit, if you go out past the taxis and turn left there’s a tiny bus terminal with buses to Yunhe every 20 minutes (less frequent after 18:00), 06:42-21:30, costing 25 rmb.

    There were plenty of cheap, grungy hotels across from the Yunhe bus station. I arrived at night, and picked one with young people at reception, because I figured they’d be more helpful.

    When I went, the Zhangjiadi buses left Yunhe at 06:20, 07:20, 08:20, 10:20, 12:15, 14:00, 15:20, and 16:20, but the sign had clearly been revised several times, and nothing there matched your schedule, so this may change periodically. The buses left from Gate 2 (there was no gate 3). it looked like they were twinning the road much of the way there, so it may be faster, easier and more crowded to visit soon, for better or worse.

  • RebeccaReply December 13, 2017 at 02:51

    This is such helpful information for anyone who is visiting the area! your photos look amazing too, what a beautiful place. I’d love to visit one day.

  • Our Family WorldReply December 13, 2017 at 11:42

    I have not traveled to any Asian country but I would love to someday. It is amazing to see rice terraces, and to think that these could have been centuries old! I can only imagine the ingenuity of the people to carve out terraces from a mountain side using only crude tools! Wow.

  • VasundhraReply December 13, 2017 at 13:44

    Anyone who wants To go to Lishui rice terraces should read this post. It is such a great guide with every important detail like directions, bus fare, and accommodations. These pictures are great and I am sure this place is worth visiting!

  • Nayna KanabarReply December 14, 2017 at 13:20

    A very informative post with lots of tips for someone planning to visit this place.it certainly looks lovely and would be great to visit.

  • five little dovesReply December 14, 2017 at 13:27

    what a great post for those considering, or visiting, the area! I have never been but I would absolutely love to, I just need to overcome my fear of flying!

  • Rose SahetapyReply December 15, 2017 at 12:35

    Anyone who wants to visit paddy terrace in Yunhe Lishui should check this. A compact and informative post which I think is A perfect guide to travel in the area and enjoy the beauty of the amazing paddy terrace at the same time.

  • elizaReply December 16, 2017 at 05:39

    Wow! Great view. i appreciate you putting all the information to get there. very informative and helpful blog. especially for those that really want to see this place. thank you.

  • ChelseaReply December 16, 2017 at 06:02

    Ive always loves reading about china and the things people get upto when travelling their. Ifs a goRgeous Place with so much to offer

  • StefanReply April 21, 2018 at 18:54

    Hello Bert, first of all, thanks for this article.
    However, I have a correction to make: the buses from Lishui to Yunhe leave from the East bus station, right at the train station of Lishui. Would be awesome, if you could update your article or include some sort of notification, so other travelers don’t make the same mistake as me and drive all the way to the West part of Lishui and the back to the East again. Would be really helpful, as your article is quite high ranking in the Google search.

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