Great Ocean Road Slideshow, Victoria, Australia

This is one of those posts that I wish I had wrote while I was doing the trip.. or at least taken notes. Luckily, I did take a few pictures, and a picture is worth 1000 words, so instead of writing a post I have decided to put together a Great Ocean Road slideshow.

Some things that stand out for me as highlights from the Great Ocean Road are the 12 Apostles, Dinosaur Park (Although not that good, I remember it), and a train ride. These things you will probably be able to identify in the slideshow.

Note:This Great Ocean Road slideshow isn’t very good because:

  • I’m not a very good photographer.
  • I’ve never put together a slide show before (well I did once in high school).
  • I admittedly didn’t try very hard.

I did manage to put in some comments and a tune, and its a good tune. It was going to be cut off at the end but I sussed that to.

Perhaps if I ever do a slide show again ill put some kick ass effort into it.

Enjoy… (if you can).

Great Ocean Road Slideshow.. Attempt #2

This actually turned out to be a mission to get into my blog. I had to convert it to a video, then upload it onto youtube, then embed it into my blog.

Update: So as it turns out I couldn’t convert it cause I don’t actually have power-point installed on my computer. When I find one that does I’ll suss it out and do it

Great Ocean Road Slideshow.. Attempt #3

So I found a site, uploaded the slide show and have embedded the link below. There is no sound, so you don’t get to hear the kick ass song, and you have to manually click through, but the rest is there. So even though I have now made a bad Great Ocean Road Slideshow even worse, I am still posting it cause it took time to make it, and suss it out. I now know that I can just get a plugin so I can make the slideshows directly in wordpress, so if I ever want to do a slideshow again, I’ll give that a go instead.

Great Ocean Road Slideshow.. Attempt #4

OK, last update. So I’ve uploaded a song into the post. Not quite the effect that the original slideshow would have had, but at least you’ve got music and pics right? Also, it’s not the song I wanted cause it was too big (can you believe Hard Sun is 12+mb) but it is another good song from the same album (Eddie Vedder, Into the Wild Soundtrack).

Great Ocean Road Slideshow.. Attempt #5

So as it turns out, you can’t listen and watch at the same time but I’ve kept them both in anyway. OK, that’s it, I’m pressing publish and never looking back! The song link is at the end of the post.

Actually, I guess you could right click and open the song link in a new page, then while its playing scroll through the pics in the slide show.

Great Ocean Road Slideshow.. Last Update.. For Real

I’m revisiting this post sometime later (2014) and have decided to just create the slideshow in WordPress, since it is possible now.

05 – Eddie Vedder – Long Nights

Thanks, Out!

Have you driven on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria before? Help out other readers and leave your Great Ocean Road review below, and if you know of more or updated information or even if you just want to say hi then please leave a comment 🙂 .

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