7 Great Things to do In Durham, England, UK

7 Great Things to do In Durham, England, UK

Durham is a historic town found in the north-east of England. It is known as a university town, but there are other things to do in Durham besides studying and drinking. It’s actually a very nice town and we easily found 7 great things to do in Durham.

I have a friend that studies in Durham University, so a few of us from Summer Camp met up there.

7 Great Things to Do in Durham

Ok, here it is. My list of 7 great things to do in Durham, England, UK.

1. Walk Around the Town

The first thing on my list of great things to do in Durham is to walk around the town.

Durham is quite a quaint little town. It reminds me of a small version of Newcastle.

2. Go to Durham Market

Durham has a nice indoor market to walk around in, located in the center of town.

3. Explore the University

Durham is known for being a university town. We actually stayed in the university dorms (it was ‘cosy’ to say the least, the dorms aren’t big) since out friend was a freshman there.

That night was a pretty bad sleep. I think it was my own fault ’cause earlier in the day I said to open the window for fresh air and then we forgot to close it. Also, I couldn’t locate my Survival Blanket or my beanie when I woke up shivering in the night.

4. See the Castle

Many small towns in England have a castle, and they are always worth a look.

5. Go to the Cathedral

We didn’t go inside the Cathedral, but we did take a picture out the front.

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6. Go to the Botanical Gardens

We didn’t do this but the botanical gardens is one of the things to do in Durham.

7. Go Drinking

The last thing on my list of great things to do in Durham is to go drinking.. at least to go out at night, drinking optional.

Being a student town, the night-life is decent. For us, Friday night was the drinking night, with a slack dinner and cheesy music at the local club frequented by the university students. Not really my scene but a good time none the less. Didn’t get up to much mischief.

Overall on Durham, worth a day trip, wouldn’t go back except to catch up with friends.

Got anything to add to this list of great things to do in Durham? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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