9 Great Things to Do in Luoding, Guangdong, China

9 Great Things to Do in Luoding, Guangdong, China

Discover 9 great things to do in Luoding. Luoding is a city in the province of Guangdong in China.

China’s National Day gives us a week long holiday so I decided to go to Luoding to visit a friend whom I used to work with in in Guangdong Ocean University.

Ayase also came along.

This great things to do in Luoding post also includes lots of other useful information on how to survive travel in Luoding.

Ok, here it is. My list of 9 great things to do in Luoding, Guangdong, China.

9 Great Things to Do in Luoding, Guangdong

1. Rent a Motorbike

The first thing on my list of great things to do in Luoding, Guangdong is to rent a motorbike. Down the road from my friends place was a motor cycle rental shop, for 5RMB per hour. Not really a motorbike, more like a 50cc motorized scooter. Neither the speedometer or the fuel gauge worked. I put 5RMB of petrol in it and it got me around for a couple of hours with fuel to spare.

2. Go to the Lake

The whole purpose of getting the motorbike was to ride to the lake. It was a good 20 minute ride.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Lake

You can take a boat ride on the lake

The lake is really nice. It was a holiday so maybe there where more people there than usual, but it was still not that busy. There where a few people fishing, and you can take a boat ride for a nominal fee (we didn’t do it).

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong lake (2)

A picture of the lake with people fishing

3. Climb the Hill

After a quick look at the lake we rode the motorcycles up the hill. There were some really nice view points along the way, but the actual top of it was nothing special.

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Actually, riding the bikes up this hill was my favorite of my great things to do in Luoding. Here’s a video of us riding up. It’s not great but I took it so here it is. The screeching is the wind, not the tires, the bikes don’t go that fast.

We saw others walking up it. which would take ages (think a few hours) and is just along the road). A bunch of kids rode up it on push-bikes also, but I don’t know if they made it to the top.

People drove their cars up, but they would get stuck because the road isn’t wide enough for two cars to pass each other. Motorbike is the best way to go up the hill.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Mountain

View from the mountain

4. Visit the Schools

The next morning we went for a nice walk around the town. My friend works at the college and it is next to the primary school. Walking around a school doesn’t sound great, but you can get up the buildings for some nice views, and there’s some interesting murals, etc.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Schools

Kids playing at the primary school

5. Go to the Temple

Despite the cultural revolution and anti religion government, there are still temples everywhere in China. This is one we stumbled upon. The architecture in temples is always interesting. They build them nice and strong, no nails or screws, just ‘fitted’ together.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Temple

Kong Zi. The ‘person’ they worship at this temple.

6. See the Tower

In town there is this tower, overlooking this polluted/muddy river. I couldn’t help thinking that if the river was pristine as it would have been maybe even just a few decades ago, it would have been beautiful.

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You can pay to go up the tower and get a view of the city. We didn’t bother so I don’t know how much it costs. Maybe 10RMB.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Tower

Tower in Luoding. Located in the town, overlooking this muddy/polluted river.

7. Walk through the Hutongs

Luoding is a nice town. Still has that old school China feel when you walk through the alleyways, but then you come out of the alleyway and you are in a bustling city.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Hutong

Walking through the alleys of Luoding

8. The Market

In town there is the market. Apparently at night it turns into a clothes market. We were there during the day so it was all food. It’s about as fresh as you can get. Choose what you want, they’ll kill and wash it for you right then and there. Snakes, rabbits, birds, turtles, etc. Seems cruel to see those animals in cages, but I doubt it is any worse than big corporations of the Western world, i.e., they are all cruel. At least in the market they kill them fast.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Market

Luoding Market. Snakes, turtles, birds, fruits, veg etc.

9. Play Pool. Drink, eat and KTV

The last thing on my list of great things to do in Luoding is actually a few different things.

On the night we arrived we went to play pool (billiards) and have a few drinks. We decided against KTV (Karaoke) but it is something you can do.

Great Things to do in Luoding, Guangdong Tractor

We just saw this vehicle and thought it was worth a picture, since I’ve never seen anything like it in the Western world.

Getting From Shunde to Luoding, China

Getting from Shunde to Luoding is a 4 to 6 hour bus ride away. It took 4 hours there, but traffic was a nightmare on the way back so the return journey was 6 hours. There’s one toilet stop. Tickets range from 90 to 110 rmb depending on the time of day you go. I advise to purchase your ticket one day in advance, especially during the holiday season.

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The bus leaves/arrives Shunde from the Da Liang bus station, and arrives/departs Luoding from the main bus station in Luoding.

Got anything to add to this list of great things to do in Luoding? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say/ask) in the comments 😀 .

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