Healthy Habits When Traveling

Healthy Habits When Traveling

Having healthy habits when traveling will, well, keep you healthy. In this post I share my personal healthy habits that I use when traveling.

They are habits, not rules. Being ultra strict sucks the fun out of traveling (and life), but getting sick can easily ruin your whole experience. I’ve found that adapting a few healthy habits while traveling is a good compromise.

I’ve written a post on staying healthy while traveling before but now I feel more en-lightened with my extended research into the Survival Fitness Plan (SFP).

The majority of the information in this post has been adapted from the book Daily Health and Fitness by Sam Fury.

Health Habits in General

Before getting into my healthy habits when traveling I’ll give a quick summary of my non-traveling health habits. It makes for good comparison.

Here is a typical day in regards to my health habits:

  • ~7-8am (just whenever I naturally wake-up). Wake. Drink 500 – 1000ml fresh water.
  • Daily health and fitness routine (10 x super-burpees, 10 x pull-ups, self-defense drills, 15min yoga, 15min meditation). ~45 minutes.
  • Ginger, lemon and honey tea.
  • ~10:30am. 60 mins fight and flight training.
  • 1T of coconut oil.
  • ~1-2pm. Lunch. Usually soup or porridge.
  • ~4-6pm. Fresh fruit juice and small snack.
  • ~7-9pm. Dinner.

Other notable habits

  • I eat kim chee with almost every meal. It’s awesome for the digestive system.
  • I’m 90+% vegetarian (I cook vegetarian but if someone gives me meat I’ll eat it).
  • I don’t eat anything between 9pm and 1pm the next day (intermittent fasting) except 1Tb honey (in my morning tea) and 1Tb of coconut oil.
  • In regards to meals, I follow the SFP nutrition guidelines pretty closely.
  • I drink cold brew green tea during the day. Put green tea in a bottle of water and leave it overnight. Can do this with other things also, lemon, ginger, etc.
  • I rarely drink alcohol, and it’s even more rare for me to get drunk. I don’t do drugs or smoke.
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Healthy Habits When Traveling

When I’m traveling I try to stick to the my normal habits as much as possible, but there are two main complications.

  1. I love trying new foods (my vegetarianism goes out the window).
  2. I’d rather explore than exercise.


  • I still do intermittent fasting as normal.
  • Cold brew herbal tea. Usually just green as it’s easiest.
  • Simple and light lunch. Soups or sandwiches. Often I just buy it from the supermarket.
  • Yoghurt replaces kimchee (unless I’m in Korea, obviously). Eat one a day.
  • My afternoon fruit juice is fairly easy to find. No added sugar or condensed milk. Coconut water is a good alternative also and it isn’t too hard to find in larger supermarkets.
  • Dinner time is when I try the local foods.

I used to eat in the really cheap local places, but I guess my stomach is getting weaker with age. I still like the local restaurants, but I’m a bit more careful with hygiene these days.

If I’m sticking around a while I will hunt down accommodation where I can cook.

Top Three Tips for Avoiding Travelers Diarrhea:

  • ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS and/or use hand sanitiser before eating, after using the bathroom, after touching animals, and any time you feel necessary.
  • Eat fresh. If it is not cooked while you wait, avoid it. Especially “street food”. Supermarket stuff and western standard restaruants are usually fine.
  • Don’t drink untreated water. This includes washing fruit, brushing your teeth, etc.


My morning routine does not change. Super-burpees, pull-ups, self-defense drills, yoga, and meditation. Every morning, without fail (almost). If I can’t do it in the morning (usually because I’m in transport) then I do it when I arrive at my accommodation.

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Fight and flight training goes out the window, but I walk a lot. If something is under 4km I will usually walk it. Walking at least 10km a day is normal when I’m sightseeing.

Also, I enjoy outdoors activities when traveling, (e.g., snorkeling, bike riding, hiking, etc).

If I’m sticking around a while I’ll try to find a public swimming pool and/or somewhere to do sprints.

What healthy habits when traveling do you use? Share them in the comments ? .

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