Hiking in Ibague, Colombia

Hiking in Ibague, Colombia

I went hiking in Ibague a bit by mistake. My intention was to check out the Botanical Garden, but when I got there I could’t go in. I think the guard said I had to go to the office near the music school first, but it meant I would have to walk half a km there and then walk half a km back. Honestly, I was getting peckish and just couldn’t be bothered going back and forth, so instead I found a little trail next to the Botanical park which followed the river and went for a little explore.

Address: Avenida Guavinal, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia. jardinbotanicosanjorge.org.

Hiking in Ibague

I decided to walk all the way to the Botanical Garden from town. It’s not too far (under 4km) and it was a good way to check out the outskirts of the city, like this skate park.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 2

And some of the local street art.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 10

Once out of the city you get some nice views of the mountains surrounding Ibague.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 3

Once you get to the music college you can go right to the office or left to the trails. I should have gone to the office first, but instead I just got to this closed gate.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 4

This trail is just before the Botanical Garden and follows a stream.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 5

It’s easy to follow for five or ten minutes and you can see some small rapids and there are some small pools which you could swim in if you wanted.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 6

After a while it gets a bit more rocky and the path disappears.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 7

I followed it for a bit but then decided to turn back. By looking at the map I think you could follow it a little bit and then leave at Avenida 19 to go back to town. I would have done this if the path was good, but since I was alone and no-one knew where I was I though it wasn’t the best idea to go full bush.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 8

It was very peaceful out there with butterflies everywhere. Maybe it’s mating season for them. They seemed very active.

Hiking in Ibague, Surive Travel 9

Getting to Jardin Botanical San Jorge

Although I didn’t actually go to the Botanical Garden, the trail was right next to it. As you walk towards the entrance it’s on your left, following the stream.

I walked there from town. I think you could get a bus to go close to it. I noticed one with Las Nieves written on it. Maybe that one will, although it will probably only take you close by the main road. You’ll still have to walk a little. Buses in Ibague cost 1,600COP and most seem to run down either Carrera 4 or 5.

A taxi will no doubt take you all the way to the music college. I’m not sure how much it would cost, but I wouldn’t pay more than 10,000COP (10mil).

Have you been hiking in Ibague before? Share your thoughts in the comments 😀 .

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