How to Find the Cheapest Flights in 3 Simple Steps

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Here’s my 3-step guide on how to find the cheapest flights. Of course, the cheapest is not always the best. So you can also use this method to find the best flights depending on your criteria. Cost, timing, flight path, etc.

Using this method I find all my flights in under 30 minutes.

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How to Find the Cheapest Flights

1. Search Adioso – But Don’t Book Through Them

Adioso is a great website to start your search, especially if you don’t have fixed dates or even a fixed destination. It is especially handy to figure out the best combination for return flights. You can put in your destination and give a time frame for your flights, and it will return the best combinations for you.

Note: If you are not flexible on dates, you can skip Adioso and go straight to Jetradar.

2. Search Jet Radar – But Don’t Book Through Them

Take the flight dates you found on Adioso and put them into www.JetRadar.com. JetRadar will often have more choices and/or cheaper flights.

Visit Jetradar here.

3. Search the Flights on the Airlines Website

Whatever flight you choose from Jetradar, go to that airline’s official webpage and search for the same flight. There is a few reasons for this:

  • The airline may have the same flights at better times.
  • Sometimes the flights are cheaper through the airline.
  • If something goes wrong, it is easier to fix it with the airline direct than it is with a 3rd party.

There are only 2 reasons I would book through JetRadar.com and not the airline directly.

  1. It is much more expensive. If it is only a bit more, I still go with the airline. It is worth the extra for the convenience.
  2. If there are multi-carriers involved. You could book the separate flights with each carrier yourself, which often works out cheaper, but I do not advise this. Not only is it time consuming, but if a flight is delayed it has a bad knock-on effect, and that is all your fault. *If you book it through JetRadar, they will compensate you.

*This is in general. Please read the terms and conditions of any flight you book.

Extra Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights

Here are some additional tips to help you find cheaper flights:

  • Search flights in incognito mode. Website cookies keep track of multiple visits and sometimes increase the price for returning visitors. To get incognito mode in Chrome or Safari on Mac hit Shift+Cmd+N. On Windows press Shift+Ctrl+N.
  • When you find the best flight, book it as soon as possible. The closer you are to the departure date, the more likely the price will increase.
  • For international flights with domestic connections, it pays to check about booking the connections yourself. Sometimes the cost difference is worth the trouble. If you do book them separately, leave plenty of time for connections. At least 4 hours.

In a Nutshell…

Ok, that’s it. I can usually find the best flights with this method in under 20 minutes. Remember:

  1. Adioso
  2. Jetradar
  3. Airlines official website


  • Use an incognito window
  • Book the flights as soon as possible
  • Consider booking your own connections on international flights with domestic connections

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