How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple

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Learn how to get to Pidurangala Rock Temple. The Dambulla Pidurangala Rock Temple is next to the Sigiriya Ancient Ruins. I decided to go to Pidurangala instead of Sigiriya for the awesome view and because it was way cheaper. 4usd vs 30usd! Also, I had already seen many ancient ruins in Anuradhapura so I was a bit over them. A hike sounded like much more fun.

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How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple

Getting from Dambulla to Pidurangala

First get from Dambulla to Sigiriya. You can catch a bus to Sigiriya from Dambulla from the Dambulla bus station. Mine took a while (about an hour) because it stopped and waited to get filled up. You can catch it from town but it is best to get it from the actual bus station to ensure a seat. The bus cost 45LRK.

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka , Artwork

Some artwork at the bottom of the Pidurangala Cave and Rock Temple

On the way back a nice worker gave me a lift to the ‘town’ where I caught the bus back to Dambulla. It was a bigger bus and only cost 35LKR.

A tuk-tuk driver offered to take me there for 800LKR.

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka

A big Buddha halfway up the Pidurangala cave ‘mountain;

Getting to the Pidurangala Rock Temple

The Pidurangala map below shows where to get off the bus. Ask the bus driver to tell you. It also outlines how to get to the Sigiriya Ancient Ruins and how to get to the Pidurangala Rock Temple.

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple - Sri Lanka Day 5, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka

Map of Sigiriya

Getting From Kandy to Pidurangala

I met some French guys there who had come from Kandy as a day trip. They said it took 5 hours to get to Sigiriya from Kandy, and the bus only left once a day at 0700. You could go from Kandy to Dambulla and then from Dambulla to Pidurangala. The buses will be more frequent this way, but it would take longer.

Hiking up Pidurangala Rock Temple

The walk up Pidurangala Rock Temple is easy to navigate at the start. Towards the end, it’s a bit hard to figure out which way to go. I met two other pairs of climbers up there. We all got up a different way.

Unfortunately, the day was a bit rainy so I didn’t get an awesome view. From the top of Pidurangala Rock Temple, once it cleared up a bit, I could see the ruins site.

Birds eye view of Sigiriya. How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka

Look to the far right and you can see the big Buddha statue. It was a much better view in person.

After Pidurangala Rock Temple

When I got back to Dambulla I tried out some Hoppers. It set me back 100LKR i.e. 20LKR per hopper but they come in 5. You can also get an egg hopper for 45LKR per hopper, which is a plain hopper with a fried egg in the middle of it.

As far as I can tell, they make it from a pancake type mix. It is thin and crispy, and towards the bottom/center, it gets more like a pancake.

Sri Lankan’s usually eat them for breakfast and afternoon tea. You can have it with chili. Pancakes and chili.. ha!

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock Temple - Sri Lanka Day 5, Survive Travel in Sri Lanka

These are plain Hoppers, by come in other varieties.

Accommodation in Dambula

While in Dambula I stayed in the Blue Sky Guest House. It was fine. You can check this map for the best hotel deals in Dambula.

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Image Credit: Dronepicr via Flikr.com.

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