ITTT Online TEFL Course Review

ITTT Online TEFL Course Review

This post is an ITTT Online TEFL Course Review. Whilst in Nicaragua I completed an online 100 hour TEFL course with ITTT.

TEFL, TESOL, TESL etc are all basically the same thing. Different countries just give them different names.

There is some small difference, but to get most jobs teaching English, it doesn’t matter.

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ITTT Online TEFL Course Review

I purchased the 100 hour course without a tutor support and it cost $190usd. If you want tutor support its another $150, and from the reviews I read it’s not worth it.

The advantages I can see in getting the tutor support is that you don’t have to do the final test, but I guess because you have to hand in all your worksheets that you’d end up putting more effort into them. Also, since there’s no final test I figure there’s much less, or even no chance of failure.

In the ITTT online TEFL Course, there are 20 units in total and a final test. I did about 2 to 4 units a day (depending on how many was in the zipfile) and completed it in about six to seven days. It was well under 100hrs worth, 60 max, including the final test.

I did do all my worksheets to a pretty good standard anyway, because I actually wanted to learn the material as well as get the certificate.

The ITTT online TEFL course final test took me about 10 hours, with lunch and dinner breaks, but that’s because I have a crap memory and everything I went over whilst studying I had to go back and revise, in particular, the grammar modules.

The other modules e.g. teaching, lesson planning, etc. I found relatively easy. If you have one of those minds like a sponge and do the work during the course then the final test would probably only take five to six hours. If I fail the test then I have the option of paying the extra for tutor support and handing in my worksheets, of course, I’d have to clean them up a bit.

My overall review of the ITTT online TEFL course… it was good. They had a good competitive price and the course content was adequate. I feel like I learnt enough to at least give teaching English a good go. When I signed up though it said that I’d get a free course (business or children) which they refused to give me, saying that it was only for those that chose tutor support.

After a few emails back and forth about the free course, ITTT gave me the course materials for teaching young learners, but not the certification. I am not very happy that they refused what their website promised.

Have you done an ITTT tefl course before? We’d love to here about your experiences or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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Comments ( 4 )
  1. Cacahole
    December 28, 2015 at 06:58

    The website states you only get a refund withing 3 days of not being satisfied. Is the test open ended? A 5 to 10 hour test??

    • Bert Luxing
      December 28, 2015 at 16:27


      I did this course about four years ago so they have probably changed the refund policy since then.

      When I did it the test was open book and took about 9 hours, but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      By open ended I think you mean you can do it whenever you want. I think there was a limit of 3 months or something, but again, this has probably changed.

  2. Jeff Seal
    March 26, 2016 at 08:28

    I finished my 120 hr online coarse and you were going to send me my certificate to xxx@xx as I was on my way to China. China blocks Gmail and Google. Could you please send it to xxx@xxx.

    Sincerely Jeff Seal

    • Bert Luxing
      March 26, 2016 at 21:23

      Hi Jeff,

      I have edited your comment to take out your email address.

      Also, this is not the ITTT website. You need to contact ITTT directly to solve your issue.


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