Javanese Healing Massage Course Review, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This post is a Javanese healing massage course review. I took part in this traditional Javanese healing massage course in the city of Yogyakarta, which is in Central Java in Indonesia.

After spending a few days in Yogyakarta I decided that instead on traveling around I would try to find either a reflexology or yoga course to do. Whilst researching I came across a twenty hour hour Javanese healing massage course.

I had never heard of Javanese healing techniques before but after reading a bit about it I decided it was right up my alley. The Javanese healing massage course was a mixture of acupressure, herbal medicines, and the use of energy. Javanese acupressure is actually very similar to Chinese acupressure (the “science” is the same) but uses Javanese massage techniques and philosophy. I found the Javanese massage techniques to be much more pleasant than the Chinese ones (which seem to be much more painful) although the Chinese tui na technique is also used when needed.

Cost(s): 20 hour introductory course was 1.2million IDR.


Javanese Healing Massage Course Review, Yogyakarta

I had contacted Patrick via the website and told him my interest in the Javanese Healing Massage course (there are a couple of other courses also such as Jamu – Javanese herbal medicine). Fortunately for me a French couple had just started the course. I missed the first one and a half lessons. They did say I could just do it on my own for the same price, but I was happy that I had some others to do it with.

Day One

Unfortunately I missed this first day. From what I gather they did a general introduction and learned about meridians of lung and large intestine.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Hut - Survive Travel

Where we had our lessons.

Day Two

This was my first actual day on the course and I arrived halfway through it. Also, I spent my time talking to Patrick so I pretty much missed the whole lesson anyway. They covered meridians of stomach and spleen.

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Although I missed the first two days classes, throughout the course and with some self-study I managed to catch up on them.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Stomach - Survive Travel

Showing us how to massage the stomach.

Day Three

Every Saturday at the school down the road from where the class was held they give free massages to the locals. Since our day three fell on a Saturday we where supposed to go and look/practice on live patients. Unfortunately there was some other activity happening so we where unable to go.

We learned about feeling the pulse and how it can help in diagnosis. We also learned a bit about Jamu (Javanese herbal remedies) and Javanese meditation techniques.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Back - Survive Travel

One of the French students practising a back massaging technique on one of our teachers.

Day Four

On day four we learned about the meridians of the heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple energizer. We also learned another Javanese meditation, i.e., hot/cold meditation.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Ploughing - Survive Travel

In the field outside where we had class. Ploughing fields the “old school” way.

Day Five

Day five was like an excuresion day. Our teachers took us to Perang Wedang where we took a bath in natural, hot, mineral water. After that we went to the beach, ate lotak, and also checked out the bird market.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Herbal Bath - Survive Travel

At Perand Wedang. One of our teaching just giving some guy a quick massage while waiting.

Day Six

Meridians of the urinary bladder and the kidney.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Making Tofu - Survive Travel

A small tofu “factory”.

Day Seven

Gall bladder and liver meridians. We also learned about moxibustion.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Moxi - Survive Travel

Demonstration of using moxibustion.

Day Eight

On day eight we learned about the last of the 12 main meridians, i.e., the conception vessel and the governor vessel.

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We also got an introduction into the use of diagnostic formula’s, which can be used for muscular and meridian problems, but is most helpful (and essential) for the diagnosis and treatment of the internal organs. It kind of brought everything together as well as opened up a door full of further learning. It was very interesting and overwhelming all at once.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Making Jamu - Survive Travel

Making Jamu. I’m under the impression that all that sugar would almost completely negate the health benefits.

Day Nine

This was our last day of class. We (the three students) all got full body massages from our teachers. It was amazing.

After that we went to see how they make Jamu and also got to see how tofu is made.

Javanese Healing Massage Course Review - Treatment - Survive Travel

On our last day they gave all of us a full body massage. It was amazing.

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The Javanese healing massage course ended up being much more than 20 hours. We were in class for about three to four hours each day. It was at least 25 hours, probably closer to thirty.

One downfall with this Javanese healing massage course was that there was a bit of a language barrier. It was obvious that the teachers really knew their stuff, and their English level was good enough for us to learn, but I think many things got lost in translation. Having said that, the course far exceeded my expectations and I felt I made some good friends also.

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I thought I was just going to learn a general relaxation massage sequence. Instead what I got was a good understanding on the theories of eastern therapy (yin yang, five elements, meridians, etc) and how they can be used to diagnose and treat patients. I also learned specific Javanese massage techniques and philosophies.

With a bit more practice I feel confident I could get quite good at applying these Javanese healing massage techniques to diagnose and treat muscular and/or meridian problems. Organ problems seem much more complicated and I would like to do some deeper study on it in the future. Perhaps I will come back to Java for further learning, or maybe even go back to China and take a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (in English). That way I could get a deeper understanding of the theory as well as more practice on live patients. I could then incorporate the Javanese massage techniques and philosophy, which I feel is something quite special.

Do you agree with this Javanese healing massage course review? Feel free to leave your own Javanese healing massage course review (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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