Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course Review

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course Review

This post is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help course review.

A couple of months ago, just for something to do, I attended a Javanese Healing Massage Course. I’ve always had an interest in traditional healing methods but never really got around to learning about them. I guess the Javanese healing course inspired me to get onto it.

After Java I went to Perth for my cousins wedding and got talking to one of my mums friends. I told her about the Javanese healing course and my possible intention to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, and alike. She told me about Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) and I thought it sounded like something I would be interested in so she referred me to Maria whom is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner in Perth.

A couple of weeks later I went to see Maria and she gave me a JSJ session. It was amazing. Simply by placing her hands on various spots (Saftey Energy Locks) on my body she harmonized the various energy flows. I could actually feel it working, and it took pretty much no effort/concentration on her behalf. We chatted while she was doing it.

After the session I expressed my interest in learning the art. I mentioned to her that I was going to Malaysia for a while and she told me that they where actually holding a few one day “self help” courses there for the first time in a couple of weeks.

At the time I wanted to attend the course was in Penang so I went over there (from Kota Kinabalu) for the weekend. I was not disappointed.

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Cost(s): 5MYR for the course photocopies + donation. I gave 45MYR. The course value (in my mind) was worth much more, but thats all the cash I had.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course Review

A couple of days before the course I bought the recommended “beginners” book The Touch of Healing and gave it a quick read. I found that the course pretty much covered everything in the book (and then some), so if you are unable to attend a course then getting the book is you next best step. Actually, I highly recommend the book even if you do take a course. It makes for a good reference.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help course went for 6 hours with a 30 minute lunch break. The morning was somewhat dedicated to general principles and theory, and the afternoon was more practical – although both “sessions” had both practical and theory. It was a good balance.

Maria was a very good instructor. Flexible and very knowledgeable. If you are ever in Perth I recommend doing a session with her.

Foundational Theory

I’m not going to go into details about JSJ. It’s far too much information for a blog post. Instead, I’ll just list the subjects I learned about during the course.

  • Introduction and history.
  • Breathing.
  • Safety Energy Locks (with some “quick fixes”) along the way. Also touched on five elements theory.
  • Organ flows and depths.
  • Attitudes and fingers (including mudras).


Maria guided us through the follow self help routines which she recommended for daily “maintenance”. She also demonstrate how to apply these routines onto other people.

  • Main central harmoniser.
  • Supervisor harmoniser.
  • Spleen flow.
  • Stomach flow.
  • Bladder flow.
  • JSJ for First Aid.
jin shin jyutsu self help course review 1 survive travel

Maria demonstrating how the self help flows can be applied to others.


As you can see we covered quite a lot in 6 hours. Even so, I did not feel overwhelmed with information. Having read the book first definitely helped and the course content kind of just expanded upon what was covered in the book. Having a live instructor was great for clarifying some things, learning some extra tid-bits, and especially good for the practical use of the art.

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In any case, I wanted to take the one day course to see if Jin Shin Jyutsu was something I would want to practice more, and it definitely is.

I will seek out a 5 day course. Probably in South America when I go there in February. There’s no 5 day course in Malaysia until August 2017, but if I haven’t done one by then I could time a trip back to attend it.

Actually, I’m so convinced by the usefulness of JSJ I have included it in the Survival Fitness Plan Healing Methods. It replaces TCM and some other Eastern healing methods I originally had in there. Not only is it very effective, it is much simpler, flexible, and “total” in practice than any other healing art I have come across.

To learn more about Jin Shin Jyutsu visit Jsjinc.net.

You can also check out the Australian and Malaysian JSJ facebook pages.



Do you agree with this Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course review? Feel free to leave your own Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Course review (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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