Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review, Cebu City, Philippines

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review, Cebu City, Philippines

This post is a Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary review. The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary has a butterfly garden as well as a specimen museum and a very unique art gallery with “paintings” made entirely from butterfly wings – mosaic style!

The Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is found just outside Cebu City (Philippines) in Basak Pardo.

This Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): 100php entry for adults which includes a tour.

Address: Jumalon Street. Basak Pardo. Cebu City, Philippines. Phone: 261 6884

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review

I read about the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary in my trusty Lonely Planet guide-book. I though it would be a nice getaway from the city. Also, butterfly’s are my mum’s favorite animal, so I guess I like them too.

Four things that stood out to me about the Jumalon Butterfly Sancurary are:

  1. It’s not well known to the locals. The staff at the West Gorordo Hotel knew of it, but my friend (who was born and raised in Cebu City) had never heard of it and neither had the taxi driver.
  2. The guy that runs the joint is very nice, loves what he does, has great English, is full of information and has blue eyes despite being a full blood Filipino.
  3. Mosaic “paintings” made from butterfly wings. These are incredible. The guy who did them… man, it must have taken him some time.
  4. We did not choose a good time to go (noon in February). Apparently the best time to go is in the morning (as soon as the place opens which I think is at 0900) and in August.

Things to see in the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Also the place itself is quite small the four sections of the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary along with the information the guy gives fills an interesting hour.

The Garden
After a brief introduction you get taken to the garden. Unlike most butterfly sanctuary’s this one does not “capture” the butterfly’s. Instead they plant the butterfly feeding plants so they are naturally attracted. For the most part, it is open and the butterflies are free to fly away if they want.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review 03 - Garden - Survive Travel

Unfortunately this is the best picture I got of an actually butterfly. It is much better in real life.

I’ve called this hatching only because I can’t remember the proper term. Obviously they do not hatch… because they are not in eggs (I think that is a correct statement). In any case, behind the garden is a room where they protect the little fellas (from predators) while the are in the vulnerable stage of becoming butterfly’s.

This section also has some preserved specimens… and mosquitoes.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review 04 - Hatching - Survive Travel

Contrary to what I thought, they do not tie them onto the stem. The animal does it by him/her self.

Specimen Museum
The next part was in the specimen museum where he has many specimens of butterfly’s from around the world.

In this picture it shows his favorite butterfly (the blue one) which is from Australia. Australia also has the biggest butterfly sanctuary in the world, in Queensland. I think the other one is a specimen of the biggest butterfly that they have flying around in the Jumalon Sanctuary… but I could be mistaken about this.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review 05 - Specimen - Survive Travel

Just two of many specimens in the specimen museum.

Art Gallery
Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures in the art gallery, which is a shame because it was very impressive. Not huge, but just there are pictures made from mosaics of butterfly wings, and very good also. Some of them he did a watercolor and the mosaic equivalent. If I had a house I’d probably buy one, excpet the they are not for sale.

For me the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary was worth the trip. The guy was really informative and I learned a lot about butterfly’s, most of which is probably a refresher from grade school, but that was a while ago.

I really can’t get over the butterfly wing mosaics, really unique.

Actually its inspired me. I assume one day I will have a permanent base, in which I will have a garden. Most of it will be useful plants (herbs, fruit, vegies, mosquito repellants, etc.) but now I will also have soem butterfly attractors like the ones in Jumalon. This will also attract the birds since they eat butterfly’s. Ahh, the circle of life.

Getting to the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Cebu City

I caught a taxi because the person I went with was on a time schedule. To be fair I probably would have just caught a taxi anyway since they are pretty cheap in the Philippines. From Ayala Mall it cost about 130php each way.

Most taxi drivers won’t know where it is. Tell the to head towards Basak Pardo. Get dropped of at the elementary school and then walk down Jumalon Street. Even better, plug it into your phone’s GPS.

Alternatively you can catch a jeepney. Here’s information I got from Lonely Planet. Catch #9 or #10 from N Baculso Ave (Cebu Sth Rd) and get off at the Basak Pardo barangay hall. You will be near Jumalon st which is behind the elementary school.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Review 10 - Getting There - Survive Travel

The street leading to the Jumalon butterfly sanctuary (Jumalon Street))

Do you agree with this Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary review? Feel free to leave your own Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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