Katibawasan Falls Review, Camiguin, Philippines

Katibawasan Falls  Review, Camiguin, Philippines

This post is a Katibawasan Falls review. Katibawasan Falls is a 250ft hight waterfall located south of the town of Pandan (which is east of Mambajao) on the island of Camiguin in the Philippines.

This Katibawasan Falls review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): 30php for an adult. Slightly less for seniors and children.

Address: South of Pandan on Camiguin Island.

Katibawasan Falls Review, Camiguin

I went to Katibawasan Falls waterfalls on my first day in Camiguin. To begin with I had no intention of going. After checking into the GV Hotel I had a nap and then went for a walk. I ended up walking all the way to the Katibawasan falls, about 4km one way.

I think maybe subconsciously I knew I was going to end up doing it. I had sent a picture to a girl and she replied with “you look fat”. It was a joke (I think) but all jokes have a little truth to them, so maybe thats why I decided to hike it.

katibawasan falls review - rice field - survive travel

On the way to Katibawasan Falls.

Anyway, it was a good hike. I made a few inquiries along the way about potential places to rent long term, and saw some cool scenery.

The waterfall itself was nice also. Not crowded, and very refreshing.

katibawasan falls review - survive travel

Walking to Katibawasan Falls.

As I do, I went to go directly under the waterfall, which apparently is not allowed and I got whistled at. I guess that is what the rope was for. I kind of “do not cross this line” sign. They should probably actually put a sign hanging off the rope.

Outside of the Katibawasan waterfalls entry there are a few shops selling this crispy pancake type thing. They drizzle some chocolate on it. Not bad. Not spectacular, but worth a try since it is only 10php. I can not remember what it is called, kicit, or something like that.

katibawasan falls review - vertical - survive travel

It was hard to get the whole thing in one frame, but the good ‘ole Huawei (my China Smartphone) came through in the end.

I asked about a jeepney back but I didn’t fully grasp what the guy was saying. It didn’t seem to me like there where public jeepneys you could take. I think people just hired them to go there, and then they wait and take you back. I could be wrong about this though. I ended up walking back also. Some Pinoy (Nino was his name) and his brother gave me a lift on the back of their moto about 3/4 of a km (until their turn-off to their Baranguay) which was nice of them.

katibawasan falls review -Snack - survive travel

They sell these out the front of Katibawasan Falls. 10php. A kind of crispy pancake with chocolate sauce drizzled on. Not bad.

Getting to Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin

I hiked it from the GV Hotel and, although I didn’t take note of the time and made some pit stops along the way, I’m gonna say it would be about an hour of solid walking.

katibawasan falls review -along the way - survive travel

Surrounding area at Katibawasan Falls.

I can’t bee 100% sure about how much a lift would be but I think the guy I talked to said 100php.

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My advice, other than walking, would be to rent a motorbike and ride their yourself.

Do you agree with this Katibawasan Falls review? Feel free to leave your own Katibawasan Falls review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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