Kawasan Canyoneering Review, Cebu, Philippines

Kawasan Canyoneering Review, Cebu, Philippines

This post is a Kawasan Canyoneering review. Kawasan Canyoneering (or canyoning) is hiking through the canyon area around Kawasan Falls in southern Cebu (Cebu Island, not Cebu City) in the Philippines.

You trek through water and jump of stuff.

I really like canyoneering and although we had some mishaps on this journey I had a really good time.

This Kawasan Canyoneering review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): Cost varies. Anywhere from 600php to 1500php per person.

Address: Kawasan Falls, matutinao, Badian, 6021 Cebu

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Kawasan Canyoneering Review, Cebu

I had found myself back in Moalboal to meet up with some very good friends from Perth. As seems to be the theme of my last couple of months a had only managed to catch them at the end of their holiday so only spent a couple of days with them, but it was an awesome couple of days.

Last time I was in Moalboal I went to Kawasan Falls but did not go canyoneering. I am very glad I did it with my friends this time around. The last time I went canyoneering was a few years ago in Nicaragua (Somoto) and I had forgotten how fun it was.

I hired a motorbike from some random that was just out the front of Vivian’s Nipa Huts for 300php, went to mee my friends at their resort and then we set of to Kawasan Falls. I had remembered from my last time there that they charge for parking your motorbike inside so instead we just parked on the side of the main road just outside the falls entrance. The first person we ran into (literally as I got off my bike) I asked if he did canyoning tours and we managed to bargain them to 700php per person. It is definitely possible to get it for 600php but we where only three people and 700php per person in a small group is a fair price. I think if we had 5 or more I would have insisted on 600php.

Kawasan Canyoneering Review - 1- Survive Travel

One of the many beautifully fresh pools.

Anyway, we left our stuff in their “office” where they gave us life jackets, helmets and old shoes to wade in. Then they drove us to the start of the canyoneering. The fee covers all entry so you don’t really need to bring anything unless you want to eat a sausage about two thirds of the way through the tour.

After a short briefing we went straight into it with a “cliff” jump in to the water. It was a good size. High enough to get a rush (for me anyway) but not too high that it hurt (like I experienced later on).

The scenery was awesome and my friend took some amazing pictures, but unfortunately during one small waterslide he dropped his camera and the current must have swept it in some crevice because we spent a good half hour looking for it but with no luck.

Less than twenty minutes later I had my camera phone out taking pictures of my friends sliding off a cliff when I slipped, dropped my phone and basically fell off the cliff into the water. I recovered my money (soaked since the waterproof bag was open at the time) but my phone sunk to the bottom and was too deep for me to retrieve.. not that it would have worked anyway.

Kawasan Canyoneering Review - about to jump - Survive Travel

Me about to jump.

The pictures used in this post are from my friends phone camera. Such a shame we lost all the others… some of them were pretty awesome.

So after loosing about 1000usd worth of electronics we continued through the canyons. There was another good sized jump and then the last jump which I think many people opt out of. You have to take off your helmet to prevent it ripping your neck when you land. I landed on my back and had my breath knocked out of me for a long five seconds. I wouldn’t want to jump from anything much higher than that.

Over all it was a really good tour. In total we took about three and a half hours, although that also included searching for the lost camera. The only thing I could fault was that you had to wait sometimes for the larger tour groups, but I guess that goes with the territory of popular tourist activities.

After a day of activity and losing some gear we decided it was a good time for a beer. The following day we met up with my friends Filipino frient (that he worked with in Australia) who took us to his place for lunch and then to Aguined Falls in Samboan. It was another epic day.

Kawasan Canyoneering Review - Falls - Survive Travel

Getting to Kawasan Canyoneering in Moalboal

If you got a tour from your resort or a rando in Moalboal then they will take you there. Otherwise you can either get a tricycle or jump on th eback of a motorbike there, or do what most poeple I met did (including myself) is hire a motorbike for the day and drive there your self. That way you can also use the motorbike to go to White Beach or anything else you want to check out afterwards.

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Do you agree with this Kawasan Canyoneering review? Feel free to leave your own Kawasan Canyoneering review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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