Kawasan Falls Bohol Review, Philippines

Kawasan Falls Bohol Review, Philippines

This post is a Kawasan Falls Bohol review. I’ve named it Kawasan Falls Bohol to distinguish it from the Kawasan Falls near Moalboal. Kawasan falls in Bohol is near the towns of San Miguel and Trinidad. The entry fee is 5php for kids and 10php for adults.

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Kawasan Falls Bohol Review

Unlike Kawasan Falls in Moalboal, Bohol Kawasan Falls is very quiet.

This is what I would rank as off the beaten track. I happen to “stumble” upon it while riding through some villages.

I saw a cock-fight on the way in. Well, I didn’t actually watch the fight because it is cruel, but I saw the gathering. Actually, I saw another one on the same day in a different area. Is Thursday afternoon the standard cock-fight time in the Philippines?

1 Kawasan Falls Bohol Review, Philippines, Survive Travel, Cockfight

A cock fight gathering.

When I arrived there was only a small group of kids that had arrived also.

2 Kawasan Falls Bohol Review, Philippines, Survive Travel, Pathway to the falls

The way down to the falls.

The kids jumped off about two thirds up the waterfall. I wish I had caught it on camera.

They also left as I did. If I had stayed another 5 minutes I would have had the whole place to myself.

3 Kawasan Falls Bohol Review, Philippines, Survive Travel, Kawasan Falls

The waterfall.

Because of the serenity, I liked Kawasan Bohol better than the one in Moalboal. The color of the water is not as inviting but still lovely to swim in.

I’m glad I stumbled upon the Kawasan Falls in Bohol, but I do not know if I would go out of my way to visit it. It was a bit of a mission to get there.

Getting from Bohol to Kawasan Falls

The easiest way to get to Kawasan Falls Trinidad Bohol is to rent a motorbike.

You could catch a bus to San Miguel or Trinidad and then ask a tricycle driver to take you the rest of the way. Although I am not sure if they would. It is a bit far from any of the towns mentioned. If they did agree you would have to get them to wait for you also.

In this map, the red star is the road to Kawasan Falls and the yellow star is where the waterfall is.

Kawasan Waterfalls Bohol Review Bohol - map - survive travel

I noticed if you put Kawasan Falls Bohol into Google maps it shows you somewhere on the other side of the island. It is most likely another Kawasan Falls. It seems to be a popular name for waterfalls in the Philippines.

Accommodation in Bohol

There are many places to lay your head in Bohol. A popular area for beach lovers is in Panglao, but I find it a little busy myself. You can choose your dream accommodation in Bohol from the map below.

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