Kep National Park Review, Cambodia

Kep National Park Review, Cambodia

After suffering food poisoning I was pleasantly surprised I felt well enough to go exploring again just one day later, so we went hiking in the Kep National Park. Here is my Kep National Park review.

We got a late start and it was already pretty hot by the time we got started, but once we were under the shade of the trees it wasn’t too bad.

Cost(s): $1usd per person.

Address: Kep, Cambodia.

Kep National Park Review

The main reason for us to go to Kep National Park was because I heard there was a waterfall inside. We were happy to go swimming, but when we got there we discovered it was too small to swim in, and 100% dry.

There were other things to see inside the park though, such as monkeys and this “incredible tree”. It was actually signposted as the incredible tree (or something along those lines).

Kep National Park Review (2) - Incredible Tree - Survive Travel

I think it is an oak tree.

There were quite a few stunning views also.

Kep National Park Review (3) - Salt Fields - Survive Travel

I’m pretty sure it is the salt fields in the distance.

We stuck to the main path but there were plenty of side trails you could take, including one to the Kep Butterfly Park.

Kep National Park Review (4) - Side Path - Survive Travel

One of the many side paths. The main path was a gravel road big enough for a car.

A couple of hours later we came out on the other side which placed us a couple of km away from the beach along a hot road.

Kep National Park Review (5) - Walk Home - Survive Travel

Long hot walk back.

Need somewhere to sleep while visiting Kep National Park? Find your perfect accommodation in Kep no matter what your budget.

Getting to Kep National Park

We walked there from our accommodation which was across the road from the beach. It took about ten minutes.

We saw a few people on motorbikes and tuk-tuks inside also.

Do you agree with this Kep National Park review? Feel free to leave your own Kep National Park review (and anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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