Life in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines. Part 2.

Life in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines. Part 2.

This post is part two of my experience of life in Baybay. Baybay is a small city on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. It is about an hour van ride south of Ormoc. Ormoc is about a three hour ferry ride from Cebu City.

See part one about living in Baybay here.

I was going to write this life in Baybay post after getting my third visa but as it turns out I have a cousins wedding to attend. I’ll be leaving Baybay at the end of this month instead. Luckily I held out on buying plane tickets so no harm done. Actually, I’m kind of glad to have a good excuse to leave early. I started getting itchy feet a few weeks ago.

Life in Baybay

Anyway, about life in Baybay. Just after getting my second visa extension my Filipina friend moved out. Her sister went to Cebu to work so she had to move to the mountains to help take care of her sisters kids. I went from not knowing her, to living with her for a month, to having almost no contact at all.

When she moved out I came across a website called, so I started watching them, approximately one every two days. I learned a bunch of stuff, most importantly that the western world has pretty much screwed everyone else, and the earth, over. As a result I have:

Life in baybay part 2 - Animals - Survive Travel

Animals just come and chill in my backyard. They all get along without conflict.

Not much else to say really. I was basically a hermit for my time in Baybay. I exercised, ate well, went for an almost daily walk to the market, and did lots of work. Never even went for a swim at the local pool.

For those that are interested, I did a rough calculation and whilst living in Baybay I spent an average of about $80usd a week. This included visas, basic furnishing of the house, and 3 months rent. If I had stayed the extra two months as originally planned I think this average would have dropped to at least $60usd/week, probably a bit less.

Next Stop

So my life in Baybay is drawing to an end. I’ll check out Palawan before my current visa ends. Then I have a month to kill before the wedding (in Perth) so I have decided to go to Indonesia.

Got anything you want to add about life in in Baybay, Leyte? We’d love to hear about your experiences (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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