Living in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Living in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Over the last year or so I have come to prefer actually living in places as opposed to just constant travel. My first real go of this was in Baybay. My next destination for “living” was supposed to be Colombia but I had some issues with my passport so have had to postpone that a few months and will wait it out in in the Philippines, so now I am living in Dumaguete.

I was planning to go to the Philippines for a couple of weeks pre-Colombia anyway to learn the rest of the Vortex Control Self-Defense Stick Fighting.

From Perth I flew via Kuala Lumpur to Cebu City. I spent a night in KL airport which I don’t mind. It is a good airport with showers, movie room, decent internet, and I know a pretty good place to sleep that no-one else ever seems to be in.

I finally bought a Mac, which are cheaper in Malaysia, and I also got the VAT refund. I think I ended up saving about $300usd in comparison to getting it in Australia.

I didn’t do anything in Cebu City. I slept the night in the Hotel San Remigio Pensionne Suites which I chose because it was walking distance to the south bus station. It was a good place to stay. Big room, air-conditioner, cable TV etc.

In the morning I met up with Anna (my friend from Baybay) at the bus station and we headed to Bogo.

Stick Fighting in Bogo

Peter has moved a couple of times since I last saw him in Moalboal. He went to the Camotes islands for a while but now he is in a town called Bogo which is about 3 hours bus north of Cebu City (135php).

Instead of doing a course I got Peter to just teach me the remainder of his stick fighting method in a couple of hours whilst I filmed it on my phone. I got a good refresher and a lot of extra learning, much more than I anticipated.

Living in Dumaguete - Bogo Stick Fighting - Survive Travel

Peter teaching me stick fighting in Bogo.

We stayed in Bogo for two nights at the North Homes Pensione. Peter recommended it. It was very basic with a fan, bed, and not much else. Shared bathroom with one other room so was not a problem. OK internet. Good size room. Only 350php / night. There are other options available

There isn’t anything special to do in Bogo unless you want to go to the islands.

Living in Dumaguete - Bogo River - Survive Travel

Riverfront in Bogo.

Getting from Bogo to Dumaguete

We went from Bogo to Dumaguete all in one day. We left the hotel around 09:30am and arrived in Dumaguete at about 6:30pm.

  • From Bogo to Cebu took 3hours and cost 135php per person.
  • Once in Cebu a taxi to the South bus terminal was 105php.
  • We then got on a bus to Lilian port. It took about 5 hours and cost 200php per person.
  • The ferry from Liloan to Dumagette was 62php per person and took less than 30 minutes.
  • Finally, a tricycle to the Coastal Inn (about 500m north of the city centre town) cost 150php. You could catch a jeepney to town which would only cost about 12php.

Whilst spending a couple of days searching for a place to live we stayed at the Coastal Inn in double fan room. It was 450php/night. Had Cable TV and private bathroom. Decent internet (as good as you can expect in a Filipino hotel) and walking distance to town. No hot water.

Living in Dumaguete - Backyard - Survive Travel

Garden of the apartment complex.

Living in Dumaguete

After a couple of days we found a place to live. Dumaguete is a bit more expensive than Baybay and I also decided to go for a fully furnished apartment. Also, wanting a short term rental also puts the price up a bit. I figure it is worth to pay a little more for a furnished place and short term lease. That way if I want to leave I only have to wait out the month.

Living in Dumaguete - Bedroom - Survive Travel

Bedroom side of our apartment.

We found a place not far from town for 10,000php per month. It has a public pool next door. Not a lap pool but sufficient for survival swimming training.

The apartment is basically a big hotel room but with a kitchenette. It has an air-conditioner, TV, bed, and work table. Internet and cable is an extra 500php/month and I still had to buy kitchen stuff (plates, rice cooker, electric cooker, etc). The kitchen stuff and some other extras I needed cost about 6000 php, which was much less then I expected.

Living in Dumaguete - Kitchen - Survive Travel

Kitchen side.

Well that’s it for this first post on living in Dumaguete. In a couple of weeks I’ll update on how things are going.

Do you have experience living in Dumaguete? Share your thoughts in the comments 😀 .

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