Melaka Botanical Garden Review, Malaysia

Melaka Botanical Garden Review, Malaysia

This Melaka Botanical Garden review contains costs, directions, pictures, and other useful information.

Melaka Botanical Garden is located in the Ayer Keroh district of Melaka, next to the zoo and Mini Malaysia cultural park.

Actually, there are a few other things in that area too. A crocodile farm and a bird sanctuary. I’m a bit adverse to seeing animals in capture so I did none of those things.

BTW: The Malay word for botanical garden is “taman botanic”.

Cost(s): Free entry.

Address: Ayer Keroh Melaka Botanical Garden, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, Melaka, 75450 Malacca, Malaysia. +60 6-232 3118.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review

Botanical gardens are one of my favorite things to do. Just walking around, looking at nature. And these places are rarely crowded. The Melaka Botanical Garden was no different.

They had buggies and bikes for rent. Form the map it looked as though the place was quite big so I decided to hire a bike. 5myr / hour. I ended up casually riding around the whole thing in about 40 minutes.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (0) - Bike - Survive Travel

My ride for the day. I preferred a basket to brakes.

I managed to spot some wildlife, such as these monkeys. Unlike many monkeys I encounter, these actually ran and climbed a tree when they saw me as opposed to trying to steal my stuff. A good sign that they don’t get too much human contact.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (1) - Monkeys - Survive Travel

Look closely to see the monkeys.

There was this patch of plants… I’m not sure what they were, although there was probably a sign somewhere.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (2) - Flowers - Survive Travel

A patch of plants. Not sure what they were.

This is what the majority of the place looked like. This road is part of their 10,000 steps trek which is about 7km.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (2) - Path - Survive Travel

The 10,000 steps trek is walking on this road around the whole place.

It is actually a bit of an adventure park also. There was a campsite and some ropes courses.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (3) - Camp ground - Survive Travel

Campsite / accommodation. Looks like there were some students staying there.

And this brown lake with a small suspension bridge.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (4) - Lake - Survive Travel

I wouldn’t swim in it.

All around the park were signs promoting the health benefits of walking. They were all in Malay but I got the general gist of most of them.

This one says something along the lines of:

“6km = 9600 steps which burns 380 – 430 kcal which is = to a plate of nasi lemak or a bowl of mee sup.”

Nasi lemak and mee sup are both very common Malaysian foods.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (5) - 10000 steps - Survive Travel

After returning the bike I went for a short walk around the entrance area. I saw this garden and some fish.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (5) - Front Garden - Survive Travel

Small but well maintained garden. That structure behind it is actually a fish tank.

And walked along this bridge which was much shorter than I thought it would be and finished in a dead end.

Melaka Botanical Garden Review (6) - Bridgewalk - Survive Travel

Walk five minutes to the end of the bridge, then walk back because it is a dead-end.

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How to Get to Melaka Botanical Gardens

From the Sentral Bus Station you can catch bus number 1b or the #19. Get off at the Mini Malaysia stop, cross the road and walk back toward town for a few minutes.

1b costs 2.50myr. The #19 costs 2.60myr.

Melaka Botanical Garden is item number 5 on this 6 day Melaka itinerary map.

Do you agree with this Melaka Botanical Garden review? Feel free to leave your own Melaka Botanical Garden review (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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