Multi-Cultural China Tour Itinerary, China

Multi-Cultural China Tour Itinerary, China

This post is my planned itinerary for what I have decided to call a Multi-Cultural China Tour. It also serves as a good way to know where I plan on being / the last place I have been just in case I “fall off the planet”.

Now that I have finished my contract with Shunde Polytechnic I will use the remainder of my visa time to finish touring the parts of China that I want to see but have not done yet. I am dubbing this as my Multi-Cultural China Tour which consists of one month of travel followed by five weeks of Kung Fu training. It also includes some Chinese language learning.

China borders a few places that are otherwise hard to get into, i.e., North Korea, Tibet, Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan and Tajikstan. It’s not that you can’t get into these places, it is just that it takes time and money which I don’t have at the moment. I’ll go to some of them proper eventually, but for now I will explore the outskirts of China in order to get a glimpse of the cultures of these places. It will not be 100% authentic of course, since you are still in China, but a good experience none-the-less.

A lot of miles are covered and about 1/3rd of the trip is spent on a train. It could be done faster by bus (or plane) but I like trains. You get to see lots of awesome scenery. Also, this itinerary is a bit rushed due some time restrictions I have (visa, kung fu training and the need to attend a wedding in Malaysia).

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Update: I’ve had to add in a couple of flights because all the train tickets were booked, even though I tried to by them two weeks in advance! Yep, there’s a lot of people going all over the place in China. Actually, the cost wasn’t that much more and it cut out two really long train rides. This means spending some more time in a couple of destinations.

Multi-Cultural China Tour Itinerary, China

Here is my planned itinerary. The travel dates are pretty well set in stone since I have already bought the train/plane tickets. Booking train seats ahead of time is necessary in China, especially if you do not want to be standing for the whole trip.

Day 1

Guangzhou to Chengdu
Trains: Shunde – Guangzhou – HuiYang – Chengdu

Day 2

Arrive Chengdu
Chengdu Accommodation Review

Day 3

Explore Chengdu

Day 4

Explore Chengdu

Day 5

Explore Chengdu

Day 6

Explore Chengdu

Spent this week – 1296RMB = 208.70USD.
This includes accommodation and transport tickets used this week although they where purchased earlier.

Day 7

Chengdu – Zhangye by train

Day 8

Arrive Zhangye.
Zhangye Accommodation Review

Day 9

Danxia Landforms.
Mati Sit

Day 10

Zhanye – KeErLe (Korla) by train.


Arrive Korla.
Korla Accommodation Review

Day 12

Kuerle – Kashi (Kashgar) by train

Day 13

Arrive Kashgar.
Kashgar Accommodation Review
Explore Kashgar

Spent this week – 1535RMB = 250USD.
This includes accommodation and transport tickets used this week although they where purchased earlier.

Day 14

Explore Kashgar

Day 15

Kashi – WuLuMuQi (Urumqi) by train

Day 16

Arrive WuLuMuQi.
Urumqi Accommodation Review
Explore Urumqi

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Day 17 (30.7 – Th)

WuLuMuQi (Urumqi) – HuHeHaoTe (Hohhot) by plane
Hohhot Accommodation Review

Day 18

Explore Hohhot

Day 19

Explore Hohhot

Day 20

Explore Hohhot

Spent this week – 2551.5RMB = 415USD.
This includes accommodation and transport tickets used this week although they where purchased earlier. It’s a bit more than my $50 a day limit because it includes the abnormal expense of two flights. I expect it will balance out next week.

Day 21

HuHeHaoTe (hohhot) – Hailier (Hailar) by plane

Day 22

Hulunbuir Grasslands

Day 23

Hailar to Manzhouli by Train
Manzhouli Accommodation Review

Day 24

Explore Manzhouli

Day 25

Explore Manzhouli

Day 26

Manzhouli – Dandong by train

Day 27

Arrive Dandong.
Dandong Accommodation Review

Spent this week – 2000RMB = 325USD.
Just scraped under the $50usd/week this week. This also includes some costs that I shared with a friend that she will pay back. That should reflect in next weeks budget calculation.

Day 28

Explore Dandong.

Day 29

Dandong – Shenyang by train
Shenyang Accommodation Review

Day 30

Explore ShenYang

Day 31

Explore ShenYang

Day 32

Explore ShenYang

Day 33

Shenyang to Taian by plane
Start Kung Fu Camp

Spent this week – 1437RMB = 225USD.
This includes an unexpected plane ticket from Shenyang to Taian.

Here’s a video slideshow of the photos I took during this Multi-Cultural China Tour itinerary.

What places would you add to your multi-cultural China tour itinerary? Let us know or say anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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