My 5 Favorite Music Cities in the USA

My 5 Favorite Music Cities in the USA

This post highlights my 5 favorite music cities in the USA. I haven’t seen that much of the United States. From the cities that I have been to the ones that stick in my memory are those with a rich music history.

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My 5 Favorite Music Cities in the USA, Pinterest

My 5 Favorite Music Cities in the USA

The music cities mentioned here are only the ones that I have been to. I know there are more cities in the US famous for their music. I’ll see them one day, but for now, in no particular order, here are my 5 favorite music cities in the USA.

1. Seattle

When I was a boy and first started listening to good music, a few of my favorite bands came out of Seattle. It was the era of “Seattle Grunge”. Nirvana and Pearl Jam were in my Walkman a lot of the time, as was Soundgarden and Jimi Hendrix.

I got to see the EMP museum, Kurt Cobain’s old house, and the sculpture of inspiration for the song “Black Hole Sun”. Also, the Jimi Hendrix Memorial. Although not music related, I also saw the grave of Bruce Lee. Well, that’s not 100% true. I went to the cemetery but couldn’t actually find it.

My 5 favorite music cities in the USA, Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Jimi Hendrix Memorial

2. L.A.

Around that same age, I started listening to another awesome band that made it big in L.A., The Doors! And later on, I discovered hip-hop and gangster rap (Easy E, NWA, Snoop, etc.). All hailing from the “City of Angels”.

I actually tried to go on the Hip Hop Gangsta Tour through Compton. Unfortunately, the guide didn’t have any other tourists to go on the days I was there. Instead, he let me go on the “Homes of the Stars” tour for free.

Favorite Music Cities in the USA, Hip Hop LA

Via Pixabay.

Tip: It’s a good idea to rent a car in Los Angeles. It’s a huge city!

3. Memphis

I remember arriving in Memphis and heading straight to Graceland. I didn’t even go to my accommodation first to drop off my bags. I’m not usually one for big tourist attractions, but Graceland was awesome. Being an Elvis fan helps.

“The King of Rock and Roll” is arguably the biggest thing to come out of Memphis. Other well-known musicians are Johnny Cash, B.B King, Otis Redding, and more.

For more music-related fun in Memphis check out Sun Studios, Beal Street, and the Rock and Blues Museum.

My 5 favorite music cities in the USA, Sun Studios

Sun Studios. An Institution of Rock and Roll

4. New Orleans

I am not familiar with any specific bands coming out of New Orleans, but there is plenty of music on the streets. New Orleans is, in fact, my favorite city in the US!

Be sure to visit Frenchman Street and the Pat O’Brien’s Dueling Piano Bar.

My 5 favorite music cities in the USA, Jazz in New Orleans

A jazz band in the streets of New Orleans (via Pixabay).

5. Chicago

This last item is a bit of a cheat one because Chicago isn’t one of my favorite music cities in the USA. I wanted to give it a special mention because I have been there and I’ve heard that Chicago has lots of good music. I do know that the Smashing Pumpkins, R Kelly, and Kanye West all started in Chicago. Also, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

My 5 favorite music cities in the USA, Chicago Marching Band

Marching band in Chicago (via Pixabay).

What are your favorite music cities in the USA? Let me know in the comments.

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