One Day in Dublin, The Republic of Ireland

One Day in Dublin, The Republic of Ireland

I only spent about one day in Dublin but I wish I has more time there. It is an awesome city. The people are really friendly and there is lots to do.

After my Open Bus Tour in Belfast I went straight onto the bus to Dublin.

Since Dublin isn’t part of the UK my phone didn’t work, which meant no GPS, which I’ve been kind of relying on for this trip, so I had to go back to the old style of navigation.

Luckily Dublin is very well signposted.

Cheap Accommodation in Dublin

I checked into the hostel then went for a walk around the city for a few hours.

I stayed in the Abbey Court Hostel. It is the best hostel I’ve stayed in on this trip. Its got a lot in it and the staff are great. Good security, lots of showers etc and many different rooms so the bedrooms don’t get noisy. No kitchen though.. or I just haven’t found it yet cause its so damn big.

One day in Dublin. Jamesons Distillery

Jamesons Distillery

The Abbey Court Hostel is a bit of a maze but you like exploring right? If coming from the UK note that they only accept euros, not pounds. There’s a money changer just around the corner right next to the big needle in town. I think it’s called the steeple. Not quite sure what the significance of it is. There’s no plaque and I don’t think its the center of town.. but a good navigation point in any case.

As it turns out there is a kitchen, a really good one, and free cereal and toast for breakfast. There’s also a gym.

One day in Dublin

I’m not sure what this is, But it is in Dublin.

What to Do With One Day in Dublin

As it turns out, Dublin is a much bigger city than I originally anticipated. Also, it’s mint! There’s a lot to see and do, too much for just one day in Dublin. I went to the Guinness and Old Jameson Distilleries, Dublin castle (which is very unimpressive), some cool areas like Temple Bar, Grafton St, and St Stevens Green Park.

This chair was made out of the first barrel of Jamesons. One day in Dublin

This chair was made out of the first barrel of Jamesons.

Where to Eat in Dublin

After walking around for about four hours or so I went back to Temple St for an Irish Stew and a Guinness with some live traditional Irish Folk music. After that just walked around for another couple of hours then called it a night.

Temple Street, Dublin. One Day in Dublin

Temple Street, Dublin

Next Stop… Raleigh, North Carolina
So that’s it for this trip. Tomorrow I’m off to the US. First stop Raleigh NC for DayGlow!

What would you do if you had one day in Dublin? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Dublin (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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