One Day in Perth, Scotland, UK

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I made a stop in Perth on the way to Inverness. Pretty much, I just wanted to spend one day in Perth, Scotland, because it shares the same name as my home town (Perth, Australia).

One of the guys in the hostel in Edinburgh talked in his sleep so I didn’t get much of it (sleep) myself. I hopped on the 0900 bus to Perth and fell asleep pretty quick. I think I probably missed a lot of nice scenery.

Just over 90 minutes later and I got to Perth and left my bag at the tourist center.

Not an official baggage hold but they let me put it in their staff room.

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One Day in Perth, Scotland

The town as a whole was pretty dead due to it being a Sunday, and of the shops that did open on Sunday, they weren’t opening until noon.

View From the Bus Window From Perth to Inverness

View From the Bus Window From Perth to Inverness

River Tay and the Sculpture Path

I set off to find a high point to get a good birds eye picture but there wasn’t any. I did however, walk over the River Tay and then came across a sculpture path which was awesome. Granted, it was just sculptures along a path, but it was a nice walk along the river, away from the city… just my thing. There was a place called Rodney Gardens where I had a bit of a sit down (featured picture). The birds where chirping and you could smell the different flora. It reminded me of the hills in Perth WA (where I grew up). I almost shed a tear.

By the time I got back into town the shops were open so just did a bit of a window shop. I was on the lookout for shoes and leather gloves, but came across a 65L rucksack, with side pockets in Millets. The tag said 20 pounds off the marked price, and the marked price was only 40 pounds.. so I bought it. Now I need to put my 50L rucksack (which I just bought less than two weeks ago) back on Ebay.

On day in Perth, Scotland. Bridge to Sculpture Path

Bridge to Sculpture Path

Next Stop… Inverness
Happy with my purchase and my one day in Perth I grabbed some lunch, gave the guys at the tourist center a couple of snickers bars then jumped on the bus to Inverness.

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What would you do if you had one day in Perth, Scotland? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Perth (or anything else you want to say) in the comments :D.

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