Phi Phi Island Review, Krabi, Thailand

Phi Phi Island Review, Krabi, Thailand

This post is a Phi Phi Island review. Phi Phi Island is a “tourist island” about a three hour ferry ride away from Phuket’s Rassada Pier in Thailand.

This Phi Phi Island review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Note: Although this post refers to Phi Phi Island as being Phuket it is actually part of Krabi. It was a mistake made at the time of writing.

Cost(s): 20THB environmental fee to enter + whatever your ferry ticket costs.

Address: Phi Phi Island, Phuket, Thailand

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Phi Phi Island Review, Phuket

As soon as I stepped off the ferry I knew that Phi Phi island was not my kind of place. Actually, I knew that before even getting onto the boat but the destination did not matter because the whole point of coming to Thailand this time round in the first place was to meet up with some good friends from camp whom I hadn’t seen in a few years.

Phi Phi Island Review 2 - Tourist Shops - Survive Travel

A typical street on Phi Phi island. Full of tourist stalls and restaurants/bars.

Phi Phi island is your typical tourist island. Pristine beaches, lots of little shops and restaurants and lots of tourists. It’s great for most, and there are quite a lot of travelers that have just decided to stay there, working on their tourist visa selling tours, tour guides, behind the bars, etc. I can see the appeal, but its just not my type of place really.

Compared to Patong Phi Phi is pretty tranquil. I do prefer it over Patong, except that it is a little more expensive.

There are things to do on Phi Phi. I only stayed two nights but, as I mentioned before, there are a lot of long termer’s there. It is laid back while still having enough to keep you busy, especially if you like beaches and beer.

On my arrival day, I went to the viewpoint which earns its name. It is a 30THB entry fee which allows you to check out two (or perhaps even three) viewpoints. It’s about a 15-minute stair climb. It’s a nice view.

13 day Thailand Itinerary - Phi Phi Island Review 4 - Viewpoint 2 - Survive Travel

A panorama shot from the viewpoint on Phi Phi Island.

The following day my friends arrived and we went snorkeling. My friends had booked us in on a sunset snorkeling trip with an outfit called Adventure Times (I think that was the name.) It consisted of a ride on a long tail boat to the snorkeling destination, a pretty long snorkeling session, chilling on some remote beaches and then watching the sunset.

The snorkeling isn’t great in Phi Phi but it was still a good trip. Our guide was a young Australian girl (one of the long-termer’s I mentioned, maybe early 20’s). There was no real briefing. Just put on your gear and jump in. They provided all the gear including a wet-suit, fruit and water.

Phi Phi Island Review 5 -Snokeling 1- Survive Travel

From the long-tail boat to our snorkeling destination.

Afterwards we got some dinner and had a few drinks at one of the many bars on the island. It was a good night (awesome band just playing whatever anyone requested) except we had to catch the 0900 ferry back to the mainland.

Phi Phi Island Review 7 -Sunset - Survive Travel

The tour was a sunset snorkeling tour, obviously this is the sunset.

I could have stayed maybe another two days on Phi Phi, just to check it out a little bit more. There’s a bar there called the Reggae Bar where the patrons can get in a competition sized ring, put on all the gear and just spar (Muay Thai), although I did here that the night before some kid got knocked out. Funny it’s called the Reggae bar. I always thought Rasta was peaceful, and mixing alcohol with contact sports is never a good idea.

Phi Phi Island Review 8 -Bar - Survive Travel

On of the many bars on Phi Phi island. This one had a fire twirling show while you sat around smoking sheesha and/or drinking.

The other thing I would have liked to do is check out the beaches, especially those a bit further out.

Phi Phi Island Review 6 -Snokeling 2- Survive Travel

One of the secluded beaches we visited on our snorkeling tour.

Getting to Phi Phi Island in Phuket

I took the ferry from Phuket Town (Rassada Pier). You can also get ferry’s to/from other place such as Krabi (I think). You can buy tickets at the pier but my friend pre-bought them online using Andaman Ferry Service. I HIGHLY recommend them.

For some reason I thought I was set to leave the day before I actually was. But the time I had figured it out it was too late to change my hotel booking at Coco’s Guesthouse (not their fault, doesn’t allow a change without charge on the same day you are supposed to check in, which I can understand). Also, you are not supposed to be able to change the ferry booking withing 48hours, but Tina (the lady on that answered my phone at Andaman) managed to confer with the ferry company and change it.

I was staying in Patong (not sure why, I should have stayed in Phuket town since I knew I was going to Phi Phi the next day). Originally I was going to use Grab (South East Asia’s version of Uber) but since I moved the ferry to the afternoon I took the bus into Phuket Town. I caught it from the south end of the beach road in Patong. It cost 30THB and took about an hour to the final destination in Phuket Town which is about 3.5km from Rassada Pier.

I checked Grab and the fare to the pier was about 120THB. Some guy offered me 50THB so jumped on it, but as they say, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, and it was. I did say I was running late so I needed to go straight there and he said yes so I jumped in. Two minutes later he wanted to take me to some shops. I got out and ended up taking a motorbike for 80THB. You could squeeze a motorbike them to 70THB or maybe even 60 if you where really pinching pennies.

The ferry was a smooth ride and hardly anyone on it.

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Do you agree with this Phi Phi Island review? Feel free to leave your own Phi Phi Island review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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    Sounds like you had an awesome time and great pictures

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      yeah, it was great. thanks for your comment 🙂

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