Revelations in Birmingham, England

Revelations in Birmingham, England

I went to Birmingham last weekend and it was a pretty good weekend. I got to catch up with two of my favorite people and see a new place. Having revelations in Birmingham wasn’t a goal and was totally unexpected… but to a certain extent, it happened.

Birmingham itself as a city wasn’t really that exiting and it isn’t really planned out very well (I wouldn’t recommend driving there). It was definitely the company that made the trip (as is usually the case in England). We did go to the Bull Ring Market, a vintage clothing store and a “themed village” just outside Birmingham. I think it was called Blacktown. It was like set in the old days of coal miners and other such hard graft. It was… let’s go with quaint. None of these events triggered any revelations in Birmingham.

Birmingham 2. revelations in Birmingham

There's alot of sculptures like this in Birmingham

So my partner in crime in Birmingham for the weekend was a girl I had met a couple of years ago at an american summer camp. I wouldn’t say we are kindred spirits but we definitely have the ability to talk enough sh*t to each-other so it makes for good conversation, and it was these conversations that inspired my revelations in Birmingham.

So in-between the drinking and sight seeing I think she taught me a few things (indirectly of course), or more the case may be that our conversations went in directions which made me think, or more so, ask myself questions about things I usually wouldn’t. In any case, I had some revelations in Birmingham.

The one that rattled me the most is a conversation that went along the lines of:

“Maybe your lost and searching for something”
“But what would I possibly be searching for?”
“Blah blah blah, rah rah rah”
“Well I cant wait to find it!”

Now usually a chat like this would have been forgotten in ten minutes or so, but the thing is, this isn’t the first time that this has been suggested to me. I was in Melbourne once at a Christian rock concert (don’t ask why) and at the end of it, the lady sitting next to me handed me a note which read something along the lines of, “what are you running from?”

The Biggest of My Revelations in Birmingham

Now, here’s my thoughts on the concept of these two little events. Firstly, I would much prefer to think of my traveling as searching rather than running, and then not even as searching. I have always thought that traveling just isn’t that complicated. My life is not Eat Pray Love, or some other soul searching pilgrimage. I like to think of myself as just a traveler, not in search of anything in particular.

So here it is, the biggest of my revelations in Birmingham…


Revelation # 2

Now maybe its just because I was hanging out with this chick and her step sister got engaged at a young age, but we ended up talking quite a lot about kids and perfect partners, and here’s what I learnt about myself with that stuff. I think I definitely want kids. Would it be wrong to just have them traveling constantly with me, or would it mean that I’d have to settle down somewhere for like 18 years. Also, my list of qualities in an “old lady” is quite extensive, but I also feel that the right girl would just blow all the other criteria out the window. Am I a romantic at heart? There is one thing I know for sure, this lucky lady would definitely have to have the travelers spirit, which doesn’t necessarily mean that she travels constantly.. I think I’ll write a blog on the travelers spirit some day. Oh, also good banter and a good taste in music, they are the three top qualities.

Revelation # 3

I think the best thing I learnt over the weekend though was that I hadn’t just lied down in a park for quite a while. I think that was my favorite part of the weekend. Just sitting in the park, nice sunny day (probably the last for a while) watching people and clouds, (the people watching in Birmingham is quite good, very eclectic bunch they have there) have a little nap, and then just talking shit with good people.

Happy Days, next trip – to Durham, UK, with a few more of my favorite people..

Have you been to Birmingham before? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Birmingham (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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