Salagdoong Beach Review, Siquijor, Philippines

Salagdoong Beach Review, Siquijor, Philippines

This post is a Salagdoong Beach review. Salagdoong beach is found on Siquijor Island in the Philippines. This Salagdoong Beach review also contains costs, directions, pictures and other useful information.

Cost: It says 10php, but for some reason they charge you 45php and they give you a bunch of tickets which state the various prices and some-how it added up to 45php. I questioned, got no real answer, and then just accepted it.

Address: On the East side of Siquijor. Closest town is Olang, North of Maria.

Salagdoong Beach Review, Siquijor, Philippines

I had followed a nice Canadian / Filipina couple to Cambugahay waterfalls and then to what was described to me as cliff jumping into the ocean.

It is true that you can jump into the ocean, but it is not really from cliffs.

I think it would have been great if we could of actually done it, but it was inaccessible due to low tide.

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There is a slide there also but it is out of order, probably due to shallow waters.

The actual beach is nice to walk and go for a dip, not that I did.

There is a restaurant there also if you are feeling peckish. I had Halo Halo.

If you are going to jump into the water I suggest you look up when high tide will be.

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Salagdoong Beach

Getting to Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong beach is north of the town of Maria. I rented a motorbike for 300php but you could get a tricycle there if you wanted. I am not sure how much that would cost.

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