Sentosa Island Review, Singapore

Sentosa Island Review, Singapore

This post is a Sentosa Island review. Sentosa Island is an island in Singapore which has been turned into a theme park. This Sentosa Island review also includes directions, pictures and other useful information as well as some (perhaps not so useful) personal ranting.

I’ve been in Singapore for the past couple of weeks with the main intention of learning Parkour.

Since I did all the sightseeing I wanted to in Singapore the last time I was here I have taken the opportunity of getting a feel for life as a local Singaporean.

I got a room in a public housing apartment and when not training I have just been catching up on website stuff. Today however I decided to go to Sentosa Island which I did not check out last time I was here.

Sentosa Island Review, Singapore

I read about Sentosa Island online before I went and it did not sound like a place I would be thrilled with, which is why I did not visit it last time, but on the recommendation from some of the guys at A2 Movements (where I have been learning parkour), and since I hadn’t really done much besides work and train the last month I decided to give it a look.

There are many attractions to see, most having an entry fee. If you are so inclined you can buy a day pass which will give you access to all of them for $70. I think this is a really good deal if you like the look of a number of the attractions. Just to give you an idea some of the paid attractions are a water park, universal studios, wax museum and other similar things. There’s a lot more.

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I on the other hand opted for the just walk around option (ever since I went to Disney Land in Hong Kong I stay away from theme park style attractions). I still got a full days of activity out of it. Here are some of the things I came across.

Here’s Sentosa Island from the mainland.

Sentosa Island from the mainland - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel -

A view of the island from the mainland.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is probably one of the biggest attractions on the island. Go on a weekday as the crowds seem to be much less.

Universal Studios - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Universal Studios is a main attraction on Sentosa Island


You can go to the casino. Free entry for foreigners. Singaporeans need to pay $100 entry. Also, I think long pants and shoes are a must.

Casino - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

I didn’t fit the dress code.

Crockford’s Tower

Crockford’s tower is invitation only, but thanks to the lack of security you can have a look around inside.

Crockfords Tower - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Invites only.. but you can look around it 😉

Festive Walk

Festive walk. I’m not so sure what was so festive about it, in fact, if the sign wasn’t there I would have seen any difference between that walk and surrounding area.

Festive Walk - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Isn’t the whole island supposed to be festive?


The Singaporean national animal is a mythical creature. I assume this is because they do not really have any other animals that they deem worthy enough. Actually, it isn’t even mythical… they just made it up! It’s a Merlion… a lions head with a mermaids tail. You can go in it (if you pay), otherwise, just walk around it. I highly doubt going in it is worth the entry fee they ask.

Merlion - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

A bigger replica of the Merlion on the mainland.


Behind the Merlion is the Merlion walk which takes you to the beaches.

Merlion Walk - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

The walk behind the Merlion – Takes you to the beaches.

There are three beaches. Each is walking distance from the other, or you can catch the beach shuttle which goes up and down the street linking the three beaches.

Beach - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Beaches were quiet, but I hear they get pretty busy on the weekends, especially the night parties.

The Most Southern Point of Continental Asia

From one of the beaches (the middle one) you can access what they claim to be the southern most point of Continental Asia. It’s free.

Southern Point - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

The bridge to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia.

Southern Point View - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

A view of Sentosa from teh Southern most point. In the other direction you could have a good view if it wasn’t from the smog that apparently is caused by Indonesia burning the forest.


Besides the birds that they had in captivity this is the only wildlife I saw.

Wildlife - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel


Sentosa Cove

I walked to Sentosa Cove which for some reason I thought the map said Sentosa Cave. The cove was NOT worth the walk, but there are buses you can catch there. In my opinion is is not worth the bus ride either. It is (I think) a new apartment development. There isn’t much to see there. I assume people that live on the island live there. They have a Cold Storage supermarket, a Watsons drug store (Pharmacy), a 7-11, and not much else.

Sentosa Cove - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Sentosa Cove – not worth the trek.

Hiking Trails

There are a few bike riding and hiking trails around. Had I of known you could beforehand I would have hired a bike and rode around the island. I’m pretty sure you can hire bikes from the beach station bus interchange

Jungle trail - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Start of the Jungle Trail

Jungle trail - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Bike trail.

Jungle trail - Sentosa Island Review - Singapore 15 - Survive Travel

Along the coast.

Getting to Sentosa Island

There are a number of ways you can get to Sentosa Island but the first step for all of them is to get to Habourfront MRT Station which is easy enough to figure out.

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Once there you can either catch a train in ($4sgd), take a cable car (I think it was about $30sgd) or do what I did and just walk over the boardwalk which is about 800 meters long and only costs 1sgd. You can probably also catch a bus or ferry over.

Once on the island all buses and beach shuttles are free.

Final Thoughts on Sentosa Island

If you like amusement parks and similar things then this is the place for you. Buy a day pass and go nuts. If you do not like amusement parks you can still have a decent day out just walking around the island. I went on a Monday and there was not many people but it probably gets packed on weekends and holidays. Also, I hear the beach parties on the weekends are pretty good if you are into that sort of thing.

Do you agree with this Sentosa Island review? Feel free to leave your own Sentosa Island review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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