Shopping in Cebu City Review, Philippines

Shopping in Cebu City Review, Philippines

This post is a shopping in Cebu City review. Cebu City is the capital of Cebu and was also the original capital of the Philippines (now it’s Manila).

I wouldn’t say it is a shopping mecca but I’m fairly sure you can get everything you need/want within the city.

This shopping in Cebu City review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Being a minimalist I am not very big on shopping, but I had already seen all the sights I wanted to see in Cebu City and didn’t feel I had enough time to go elsewhere before flying out so I decided to check out the shopping options… specifically so I could write this post. You’re welcome shop-a-holics.

Shopping in Cebu City Review

Three things that stood out to me about shopping in Cebu City were:

  1. They have some pretty big malls.
  2. You can find pretty much anything you’d need/want.
  3. If you don’t like malls there are lots of market scattered around.

Some Places to Shop in Cebu City

I didn’t go to every place you could shop in Cebu City (that would take a long, long time) but I did cover the two “main” shopping centers and then some. All the places in this post are within walking distance (twenty minutes or less) from the city center.

Ayala Center

The first shopping center on my list is not the biggest but in my opinion is the nicest, mainly because of the Ayala Terraces.

In addition to the many shops it has a good food court on the top level of the department store and a cinema.

It is also a hub for jeepneys.

Shopping in Cebu City Review - alaya terraces  - Survive Travel

The Ayala Terraces

Mango Square Mall

Mango Square isn’t really a great shopping complex in itself, but the surrounding area has lots to offer, especially if you head west to the ig roundabout. There are also lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.

Mango Square is also the mecca for night life in Cebu City, every night of the week.

Shopping in Cebu City Review

Mango Square Mall. This picture was taken at night (about 9pm). You can see the girls starting to fill the square.

SM City Cebu

I reckon SM City Cebu is the biggest shopping mall in Cebu City. It also has a cinema and loads of shops, but to my dismay no dedicated food court. It does have lots of eating places, just no one area to find them all.

Shopping in Cebu City Review - Sm City - Survive Travel

Inside SM City Cebu.

Robinsons Galleria

There are Robinsons stores all over Cebu City (and the Philippines) but this is Robinsons Galleria Cebu. I kind of just stumbled across it while exploring and decided to check it out, mainly to get out of the heat. It was much larger inside than I had expected.

It has a small food court, a cinema and of course a bucket load of shops.

Shopping in Cebu City Review - Robsons Galleria - Survive Travel

The “center” of Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

Carbon Market

Carbon market is one of the many market places in and around Cebu City. I wrote a separate review for it here.

Carbon Market Review - Featured - Survive Travel

Carbon Market

I’m not massive on shopping but I dare say that Cebu City is the best place to go shopping on Cebu Island and perhaps in the whole of the south of the Philippines (assuming Manila is in the north).

Do you agree with this shopping in Cebu City review? Feel free to leave your own shopping in Cebu City review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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