Sihanoukville Review, Cambodia

Sihanoukville Review, Cambodia

Sihanoukville is a beach resort town in the south of Cambodia and we decided to go there after Siem Reap. Here is my Sihanoukville review.

I’m not really a “beach bum” type of traveler, but I guess every once in a while I think it is a good idea. A day or two later I remember why I don’t enjoy that much – mostly because of the copious amounts of sand, inflated prices, and masses of tourists.

We booked five nights in a beach front bungalow but left after two. Maybe if our accommodation was nicer we would have stayed longer.

Sihanoukville Review

After a 12 hour bus ride we arrived from Siem Reap we arrived in Sihanoukville at about 7:30am and got a ride straight to our accommodation on Otis Beach 1. The first guy tried to charge us $12 but we managed to get it for $6, and I think even that was on the expensive side.

Sihanoukville Review (2) - Street - Survive Travel

Street out the front of Otis Beach One.

We never actually looked around Sihanoukville town itself but I can’t imagine there being much of interest there, although a girl I talked to on the bus to Kep said there was a good car museum there.

Sihanoukville Review (3) - Market Walk - Survive Travel

Public Beach.

There’s minimal to do at Otis Beach also, but that is the general idea. You just go there to chill at the beach.

Sihanoukville Review (4) - Beach - Survive Travel

Of course there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. It more expensive than the rest of Cambodia, but stlll pretty cheap.

Sihanoukville Review (5) - Sunset - Survive Travel

You can walk a couple of km to the market or to other beaches.

And there are plenty of people selling fruit, massages, and handmade souvenirs.

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Apparently the “thing to do” is go to the island where you can snorkel and do other stuff. We didn’t go.

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Getting to Sihanoukville

From Siem Reap we caught a sleeper bus. It took about 12 hours and was actually quite comfortable. $15 per person.

Once in Sihanoukville you can catch a tuk-tuk or moto to your accommodation. Prepare to haggle.

Do you agree with this Sihanoukville review? Feel free to leave your own Sihanoukville review (and anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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