Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review, Chennai, India

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review, Chennai, India

This post is a Sri Ramachandra Medical Center review. Sri Ramachandra Medical Center is the largest medical centre in Chennai, as well as one of the largest in the whole of South Asia.

This Sri Ramachandra Medical Center review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): I got a Master Health Check which cost 3000INR. It is a mid range preventative health care package.

Address: #1 Ramachandra Nagar, Porur, Chennai, 600116, India.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review, Chennai

I had been thinking of getting a “full body” health check for the last six months or so. I was going to do it in Manilla but since I was in India with some spare days up my sleeve I decided to do it in Chennai instead. I’m glad I checked it out because it was ridiculously cheap, even in comparison to Manilla, and the quality was pretty good.

I met a guy in there and as it turns out Chennai is well known for medical tourism, even with Indian’s, i.e., the guy I met was from the north of India and came to Chennai specifically because they have the best doctors. This was according to him anyway. I’m sure other big cities have great doctors also, but maybe they are more expensive/busy than Chennai.

On the Sri Ramachandra website it mentions a few different health checks you can get, but the brochure they gave me mentions more. It also states that you do need to make an appointment and that they do work Sundays, contrary to what the website says.

I went the day before to pick up the sterilised cups to put my samples in. This is unnecessary since you can collect the cups and do it while you wait (after giving your blood sample). Maybe you can just rock up but they do say to make an appointment so just phone ahead to be safe.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review - Sample - Survive Travel

You can come the day before to pick up the cups for your samples.

I arrived by bus from the Samrat Guesthouse. First thing I thoght was “these grounds are pretty nice”. They even have a little shrine.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review - Garden Shrine - Survive Travel

The shrine on the Ramachandra grounds.

In fact, the whole place is pretty big. It is a University and has a library (public are not allowed to enter), canteens, learning buildings, etc.

To get your general health check you need to go to the Medical Center. It is one of the first buildings you will see to your left, and has the emergency entrance to it’s right.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review - front - Survive Travel

Go into this building.

Talk to the lady at the information counter or just go straight up to level one, room A1. Walk past the first counter and check in with the desk where it says “Master Check Up”. They give you a short form to fill out which you then take to the first desk (the one you walked past) and pay the bill. Credit/Debit cards accepted for bills over 300INR.

I noticed later a sign saying all foreign visitors need to go to level 7 first. No one seemed to care about this, so I didn’t bother.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review - Sign- Survive Travel

A notice to foreigners, which does not seem to be enforced.

The first thing I did was give a blood sample. They take about five or so vials of blood. You also give you urine and stool in this room, although if you haven’t “pre-prepared” it you can go out and bring it back at your convenience. Unfortunately for me I had a bit of food poisoning two days prior, so my stomach had purged itself (to put it nicely). I could not give a stool. They did say I could bring it the following day if I was worried. I was not, so I didn’t bother.

After taking your blood they give you a big bottle of water.

Next was an ECG followed by an ultrasound. After the ultrasound they give you a simple Indian breakfast. You had to fast for at least 10 hours before taking the tests.

After eating you need to wait two hours before they can take a second blood sample. During that time you talk to a doctor about your general health (prior issues, current lifestyle, any specific complaints, etc).

After the second blood sample is taken you need to wait until 2pm-ish for the results to get processed. I went to eat at the canteen which was not too bad.

There is a bit of waiting around between tests. I suggest to bring a book.

Once your results come back the Doctor discusses them with you, and prescribes anything you need. The English level in India is pretty good in general. In the hospital all the staff spoke enough to prevent confusion, and the Doctors are fluent, at least the two I saw were.

After this final consultation you give your folder to the desk and they type it all up nicely for you so you can take all the results away with you.

If you were prescribed anything go to the pharmacy on the first floor. Take your prescription to the “Individual billing” counter on the left. They print out a receipt for you and keep your folder, which they give back to you later (actually, they only need the prescription so if you want you can take it out of the folder and give it to them). Take the receipt to the counter on the far right to make the payment. Then take the payed receipt to the middle counter. You will get a token with a number. When you number is called, collect your drugs.

This was the most thorough health check I’ve had since I was a kid joining the reserves, and it only cost 3000INR (less than 50USD!). The guy I met got the Whole Body Health Check which had a few extra tests including dental, sight, hearing, etc. That one is about three times the price as the one I got, but next time I will get it. Under $150 for an absolutely everything health check. It’s pretty good. Back home it costs $70 just to say hello to a GP, let alone get any tests. I will be doing a full body check once a year.

Sri Ramachandra Medical Center Review - Pharmacy - Survive Travel

Prescriptions can be collected/purchased from the first floor.

Getting to Sri Ramachandra Medical Center in Chennai

I purposely booked my accommodations with getting to Sri Ramachandra Medical Center in mind. Basically I picked the cheapest hotel that was also fairly close to the medical center. I ended up staying in the Samrat Guesthouse which actually turned out to be the best accommodation I had in my whole time in India.

Walk out of the Samrat Guesthouse and turn left (north) on Munusamy Salai. Walk to the end of the road to the West Depot Bus Stop. It’s less than a ten minute walk. Catch either the 17a or the 11h (the only two buses that come past that bus stop) heading north (the way you walked).

Tell the bus guy you are going to Ramachandra. It cost 11INR and took about 15 minutes.

The bus stop at Ramachandra is just before the traffic lights. To get back the bus stop is on the other side of the road and on the other side of the traffic lights, but there is no “bus stop” per say. Just stand with the other people.

Note: There is a medical center right in front of the Samrat Guesthouse which offers Master Health Checks of their own, a tad cheaper than the Sri Ramachandra Medical Center. I would still go to the Sri Ramachandra Medical Center. It is a much bigger/more professional facility and you health isn’t worth saving a few bucks, especially since you are already saving a bucket load on doing it in India in the first place.

Do you agree with this Sri Ramachandra Medical Center review? Feel free to leave your own Sri Ramachandra Medical Center review (or anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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