Star Fort Matara Review – Sri Lanka Day 9

Star Fort Matara Review – Sri Lanka Day 9

This post is a Star Fort Matara review. Matara is a city in the south of Sri Lanka. I stopped in there for a couple of nights on my way to Galle.

This Star Fort Matara review also includes information on more exploration of Matara, directions, daily cost summary, other useful information, and perhaps also some not so useful personal observations and opinions.

Cost: Donation

This Star Fort Matara review is going to be pretty short because the fort itself is not very big.

Star Fort Matara Review

I think it was a Dutch Fort. Inside it is a small museum with some artefacts.

Star Fort Matara Review - Star Fort Entrance

Entrance to Star Fort

A volunteer begins to follow you and tells you about some of the things. I don’t really like being followed around but I felt rude to tell her to go away.

Basically she just told me what was already on the signs.

At the end they request a donation. I gave 100LKR.

Outside in the moat there was a crocodile.

Star Fort Matara Review - Crocodile

Crocodile in the moat of Star Fort… also found in the river

Getting to the Star Fort

Since Matara is fairly small, getting to the Star Fort is not a problem.

It is just over the bridge that leads into town.

Star Fort Matara Review - Getting to Star Fort

Map of Matara with the Forts Marked

More Exploration of Matara

I already explored Matara quite a bit yesterday, but I had a whole day to kill so I did a little more exploration of Matara.

I went to the market…

Star Fort Matara Review - Market

Small market in Matara

… and also to the other Fort which is located across the road form the bus station. Just look for the clock, which still works and holds correct time.

Costs Summary for Star Fort Matara Review


Small eats. 135LKR
Snack. 120LKR
Dinner. 215LKR
Food Costs Total: 470LKR


Star Fort. 100LKR
Sightseeing Costs Total: 100LKR


Roshans Rest. 1000LKR
Accommodation Costs Total: 1000LKR

Grand Total for Day 9 in Sri Lanka: 1570LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $11.75

Although all I really did today was the Matara Star Fort I had a pretty good day… nice and relaxed. There’s lots of little beach towns from here to Galle, but I’m skipping them and going straight to Galle.

Do you agree with this Star Fort Matara review? Feel free to leave your own Star Fort Matara review (and anything else you want to say or ask) in the comments 😀 .

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