Survive Travel Resources

This page is a hub for all Survive Travel resources. Only companies that we actually use and/or believe in are listed.

It should be noted that some of these travel resources are affiliate links. It means that if you click on them and make a purchase a small commission is earned. It does not cost you any extra and you may get a discount. If you would like to learn more about how this website generates income please read our earnings disclaimer.

Survive Travel Resources

Cheap Flights

CheapoAir. CheapoAir is my go to flight booking travel resource.

I tested them with many different types of flights and they consistently came up with the best deals.

Google Flights. Google Flights is good to use if you don’t have a destination in mind. Just use the “discover destinations” tool and you can see where the cheapest places to go are from your starting point.

Once you have decided where to go put your flight details into CheapoAir to find the best deal.

Matrix ITA Software. When I know where I want to go but am flexible with the fly date I turn to (another google tool). This tool compares many airlines and then puts all the prices on a calander so you can see the best day to fly according to price. I then punch that date into CheapoAir because CheapoAir will often find same flight a little cheaper.

Ctrip. When in China use Ctrip! It is worth having a quick look even when not in China.

Cheap Accommodation

Hotels Combined. is my go to website for accommodation. They compare all the other major comparison websites (, agoda, asiatravel, etc.) so are most likely to find the best deals. Also, their website is extremely easy to use. I also like to do a quick search on I really like their website and mobile app, and most of the time you do not have to pre-pay, which means flexibility in cancellations. This is also good for managing your budget, i.e., you pay in cash when you get to the hotel/guesthouse/hostel/whatever.

Ctrip. Yep, Ctrip does accommodation to, so if you are in China then use them.

Air BnB. AirBnB is always worth a look especially in those more expensive countries and/or if planning on staying in one spot for more than a few days. Get $20 off your first booking with this link.

Couchsurfing. I have only used CouchSurfing a couple of times but every time I had positive experiences.


Rome to Rio. Rome to Rio is a great way to see how to get from A to B anywhere in the world.

The Man in Seat 61. For all things train related this is the website to go to.

OSMAnd. This is a phone app (available on android and iPhone) that I would definitely be lost without, and I say lost in a literal sense because it is GPS navigation.

Apart from showing me where I am it can also inform me of the whereabouts of points of interests such as accommodation, restaurants, tourist attractions and much more.

Google Maps. OSM is what I use to find points of interest when on my phone but if I have access to a computer and internet then GoogleMaps is my usual choice.

Travel Gear

I used to love going to outdoor shops and specialist travel stores but over time I have realised that they are just really over-priced and you can get the same thing with just as good quality for a fraction of the price. You just miss out on the brand name.

You can check out my full packing list here.

Amazon. Most of the time I just buy stuff from markets but if I am going to do online shopping then Amazon is my go to, unless I am in a country that has their own online shopping powerhouse such as Taobao in China.

Softstar Shoes. I am a big fan of barefoot / minimalist shoes and no matter how hard I look these are something I can not find in the street markets.

I used to use Lems but now I prefer Softstar.

Amuri. My all-time favorite minimalist sports sandals are Amuri Z-Treks.

Destination Guides Obviously my first point of call is this website. With accommodation reviews, attraction reviews and self made itineraries it is a great place to get the information you need. A big downside however is the small database because I have not been everywhere (yet 😉 ) but it is growing everyday from public contributions. In my opinion this is one of the best online travel resources.

Lonely Planet Guidebooks. I never visit a new country without downloading a Lonely Planet Guidebook. They are jam packed with great information and are invaluable travel resources.

Amazon. If for some reason you do not like Lonely Planet then you can find the guidebook you need (or any other book) on Amazon.

Money Matters When I need to transfer money overseas this is the website I use to do it. I’ve been using these guys once a month since 2012 and have never had a problem.

XE Currency Converter. I put the app on my phone.

Travel Health

Wilderness and Travel Medicine. I have Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Sam Fury stored on my phone so I can reference it when-ever I need to.

Survival Fitness Plan. For my exercise routine I am eternally loyal to the Survival Fitness Plan.

Language Learning

Memrise. I’ve used a fair few different language learning apps over the years and I can honestly say that Memrise is my favorite. Does more than languages.

Google Translate. Once again google has come out with the goods. With google translate you can translate between any almost any two languages and if you download the dictionary to your device then you don’t even need to be online. It’s not always accurate but good enough to get you by. Also available as an app which I use pretty often depending on what country I am in.

Wiki Phrasebooks. If you just want the basics of a language to get you by on you short trip then also has a good list of phrasebooks.

Lonely Planet. Yep, they do phrasebooks too which have a very good layout and other travel tips. A hard copy phrasebook is useful when in really “remote” countries.

Travel Blogging

The following are not general travel resources but are useful for the digital nomad.

Megasync. 50gb of free cloud storage that automatically backs up and syncs across multiple devices. It has saved me losing work more than once.

WordPress. This wesbite and my other website ( are both built using WordPress.

OVH. I host my websites with OVH. I have tried other companies like Hostgator, Justhost, etc., but they have all not lived up to expectations. OVH is not as user friendly since it does not come with Cpanel but customer support and reliability is second to none. Since I started using them I never looked back. Also, cpanel (or something similar) can be installed if you really want it.

Fiverr. Fiverr is a great place to get small business tasks done for a flat rate of $5.

Upwork. Formerly known as Odesk, Upwork is my #1 choice for finding freelancers.

Namecheap. My domain names are (or are soon to be) hosted with Namecheap.

Dreamstime. If I need an image for a post but don’t have one of my own I turn to Dreamstime.

Zoho. Zoho offers a range of internet business related apps.

Rakutan Linkshare. Linkshare is an affiliate marketing network that joins publisher with advertisers.

Affiliate Window. Is similar to Linkshare but with different companies, and also some of the same ones.

Book Publishing

KDP. This is Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform.

CreateSpace. This is Amazon’s service for print book publishing as well as other non-book digital products. I’m not sure if it is actually owned by amazon but they are definitely in cahoots.

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