Ultimate Travel Resources Guide

In this ultimate travel resources guide I have only listed companies that I actually use and/or believe in.

Some of these travel resources are affiliate links. It means that if you click on them and buy something, I earn a small commission. It does not cost you any extra and you may even get a discount.

Survive Travel Resources

Travel Payouts

Get cash-back on flights and accommodation. Sign up to the Travel Payouts affiliate program and book using your own affiliate link. Unlike many affiliate services, this is not against their terms and conditions. In fact, they encourage it.


To find the best deals on flights, Travel Payouts uses JetRadar. I was using JetRadar long before I discovered Travel Payouts. In fact, searching for the JetRadars affiliate program lead me to Travel Payouts.

If you do not have specific flight dates and/or destinations in mind then run a search through Adioso.

Once you have found your flights check them on the airline’s official website. If they are the same price or cheaper then it is always better to book through the airline’s website. When something goes wrong it is always easier (and cheaper) to deal with the airline than a third party. When considering price, be sure to account for your affiliate payout if applicable.


For accommodation Travel Payouts uses Hotel Look. This is who I use for stays less than a week.

Air BnB is my go-to when I plan to stay one week or more. Get $20 off your first booking with this link.

Use Couchsurfing to find free accommodation with locals. I have only used CouchSurfing for accommodation a couple of times. Every time I had positive experiences. I use it much more often to find people to hang out with when in a new city, and also for language exchange.

For places more “off the beaten track” there may be no search results for flights and/or accommodation. Consult WikiTravel.org and/or do some online research.


Google Maps. Both as an app and on your computer. Download the area you want to your phone so you can use it offline.

OSMAnd is a phone app (available for Android and iPhone) that pretty much does the same thing as google maps. I use it as a backup – sometimes it has things that google maps is missing. This is also true in reverse, which is why I use both.

Moovitapp.com is an excellent app/website for public transportation. It often has routes that google maps misses. One drawback is that it doesn’t work offline.

Use The Man in Seat 61 for all things train-related.

On the rare occasion I take a taxi, the app I use depends on the country I am in. Many places have their own specific one, e.g., Colombia has Tappsi. Uber is a good go-to for most places. Grab is better in many parts of Asia.

Travel Gear

I used to love going to outdoor and travel shops. I have since realized that most of the time you can get the same thing in local markets for a fraction of the price.

You can check out my full packing list here.

If I am going to do online shopping then Amazon is my go to. Countries without Amazon usually have their own version, e.g., Taobao in China.

I am a big fan of barefoot / minimalist shoes. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I look these are something I can not find in the street markets.

I used to use Lems but now I prefer Softstar.

My all-time favorite minimalist sports sandals are Amuri Z-Treks.

Destination Guides

WikiTravel.org is my favorite online travel resource. Combine this is a general online search and you have all the information you need.

I used to never visit a new country without downloading a Lonely Planet Guidebook. Nowadays internet is so widespread that I don’t bother. I still think they are great resources if you like guidebooks.

If for some reason you do not like Lonely Planet then you can find the guidebook you need (or any other book) on Amazon.

Money Matters

When I need to transfer money overseas I use Transferwise.com. It is fast, reliable, and MUCH cheaper than the standard bank transfer.

XE Currency Converter. I put the app on my phone. Very handy.


ChatSim is a sim card that allows you to use popular messaging apps all over the world. Since discovering this I no longer get sim cards in every country I go to. It is a yearly fee for unlimited messaging. You can also buy credits if you want to send media messages. During the setup process, you can use the code CAMTK7MF to get 200 free media messaging credits.

Travel Health

I have Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Sam Fury stored on my phone so I can reference it whenever I need to.

For my exercise routine and general health, I am loyal to the Survival Fitness Plan.

One thing that is very important is to get emergency medical travel insurance. I don’t have a specific company to recommend. I use a comparison site and buy the cheapest emergency cover. Be careful if buying it while out of your home country. Many companies require you to be in your home country at the time of purchase.

Language Learning

Duolingo is my favorite language learning app. I prefer to use it on my computer as opposed to on my phone, but either way is good.

Memrise is not as good as Duolingo, but it has many languages which Duolingo does not. Also, it does more than languages.

Translate between any almost any two languages with Google Translate. If you download the dictionary to your device then you don’t even need to be online. It’s not always 100% accurate but is good enough to get you by.

This is the best resource for language learning on this list. Conversation Exchange is a free website that connects language learners. Enter your primary language and what language(s) you want to learn and then find people to exchange with. You can message each other, Skype, or meet face-to-face. You can even search by age, gender, and location. It is also a great way to meet locals and form some great friendships with like-minded people.

If you only want the basics of a language to get you by, you can’t go wrong with Wiki PhraseBooks.

Lonely Planet. Yep, they do phrasebooks too which have a very good layout and other travel tips. A hard copy phrasebook is often a lifesaver.

Digital Nomads

Whether you are a travel blogger or use the internet to make money in some other way, these resources are for you.

Megasync gives 50gb of free cloud storage that can back up and sync across several devices. It has saved me losing work more than once.

This website and my other website (SurvivalFitnessPlan.com) are both built using WordPress.

InMotion Hosting. I have tried other companies but they have not lived up to expectations. InMotion is not cheapest but they aren’t exactly breaking the bank either. For their customer service, the extra dollar a month is worth it.

Fiverr is a great place to get small business tasks done for cheap.

Upwork is my #1 choice for finding freelancers.

I host my domain names with Namecheap.

Zoho offers a range of internet business related apps. I use them for my business email.

Rakutan Linkshare is an affiliate marketing network that joins publisher with advertisers.

Affiliate Window is like Linkshare but with different companies, and also some of the same ones.

Book Publishing

KDP is Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform.

CreateSpace is Amazon’s service for print book publishing. It also does other non-book digital products.

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