Traditional Guatemalan Food

Traditional Guatemalan Food

Featured, 10 Traditional Guatemalan Foods, Survive Travel

Traditional Guatemalan food is a mix of its Mayan and Spanish heritage with a complex mix of American, African, Caribbean, and Chinese influence. This is why popular Guatemalan food is full of traditional flavors that stand out amongst its neighbors. Need Some Travel Motivation? Traditional Guatemalan Food 1. Tamales Tamales are a common food in […]


10 Traditional Costa Rican Foods

Featured, 10 Traditional Costa Rican Foods, Survive Travel

Food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Costa Rica, but you can put it high on your list. Although mild, it is not bland. With its abundance of fresh ingredients, early Spanish influence, and high tourist traffic, you will always be able to find something to eat. […]


10 Amazing Bahamas Foods

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Traditional food in the Bahamas is mostly spices and seafood, but there are other things to try too. The American South has an influence in seasonings and sides while the mains are closer to Caribbean cuisine. One thing is for sure, local Bahamian cuisine is colorful and delicious. Here are 10 Bahamas foods to try […]


Traditional Food in New Zealand

Featured, 10 Traditional Foods of New Zealand, Survive Travel

The traditional food in New Zealand is simple but delicious. It plays a big role in Māori traditions and bringing a “plate to share” to a party is a common thing for all New Zealanders. With its Asian, European, and Polynesian heritage, New Zealand has filling mains and delightful desserts. Need Some Travel Motivation? Traditional […]


Traditional Ecuadorian Food

Featured, Traditional Ecuadorian Food, Survive Travel

Although a small country, traditional Ecuadorian food is as diverse as its landscape. From hearty stews in the mountains to the seafood of the coast to the delicacies of the jungle. And as a traveler, you can experience all the popular Ecuadorian food you want. Need Some Travel Motivation? 1. Hornado Get a whole pig […]


Traditional Mauritian Food

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The best traditional Mauritian food is not in your resort restaurant. Take to the markets and street corners to sample the diverse food culture. The traditional street food of Mauritius is a mix of Creole, French, Chinese, and Indian. And thanks to the fertile soils, you can find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the […]


10 Scrumptious Croatian Foods

Featured, Scrumptious Croatian Foods, Survive Travel

Discover 10 scrumptious Croation foods. The food of Croatia has different styles and specialties from region to region. You can find the more famous Croatian dishes all over the country, with the region putting its own little spin on it. This is the Only First Aid Book You Will Ever Need 10 Scrumptious Croatian Foods […]


10 Mouth-Watering Japanese Foods

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Discover 10 mouth-watering Japanese foods. There are Japanese restaurants all over the world so many of the items on this list will not be a surprise. Traditional Japanese food is rice or noodles accompanied by seasonal ingredients. A Complete First Aid Guide for the Smart Traveler 10 Mouth-Watering Japanese Foods 1. Tonkatsu The first item […]


10 Tasty English Foods

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Discover 10 tasty English foods. Most people don’t think of England as being a great place for food. I would not put them under the exotic flavors banner, but they do have some great comfort foods. They are the types of foods that even fussy children enjoy. A Complete First Aid Guide for the Smart […]


10 Amazing Chinese Foods

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Discover 10 amazing Chinese foods. Chances are, if you haven’t been to China then your perception of Chinese food is a little bit askew. The stuff you get from your local Chinese shop hardly comes close! Even if the cooks are from China, in most cases they westernize the dishes. This is the Only First […]


10 Delicious Foods of the USA

Featured, Delicious Foods of the USA, Survive Travel

Discover 10 delicious foods of the USA. The first time I went to the US it was the food that amazed me the most. In comparison to Australia, its cheap to eat out, and the portions are huge. Typical American cuisine isn’t the healthiest, but it sure is delicious. A Complete First Aid Guide for […]


10 Must-Try Australian Foods

Featured, 10 Must Try Australian Foods, Survive Travel

Discover 10 must-try Australian foods. Being a country build on immigrants, the Australian food scene is very varied. Almost everyone’s great-grandparents are from another country. And it’s their heritage which what influences what they eat at home. Never-the-less, there are some foods that are unique to Australia. Here are 10 of them. A Complete First […]