Teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU), Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China

Teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU), Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China

This post is my personal opinion of what it is like teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University. I worked teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University, at the main campus for one year.

Guangdong Ocean University is in the city of Zhanjiang 湛江, which is in the province of Guangdong, China.

There are three campuses. Xiashan 霞山, Haibin 海宾and the Main Campus, (Zhu Xiao 主校).

This post about teaching English in Guangdong Ocean University also contains some useful logistical information.

Teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University

All in all, teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University is a decent gig. The pay is about the normal going rate for the hours you need to do (max 16 teaching hours, 6000rmb / month). You need to create all the lessons and exams and do grading also. There’s more paperwork at this place than at most, but it’s still not that much.

teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

A park on Campus

English corner is held twice weekly but is optional.

You are pretty much left alone to do what you want in class. As long as the students don’t make complaints you won’t get bothered by anyone. The dress code is very lenient. I wore shorts and a t-shirt.

Mountain views. teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

You can ride into the mountains and get some nice views.

You could be teaching English Majors in a variety of subjects including oral, listening, reading, writing, American and European history, pronunciation, business English, etc, but may also teach non-English majors.

Your apartment it is no-more than a 10 minute walk to the classrooms, depending on what building you are in. Classrooms have fans but no air con. Most rooms are equipped with computers and projectors, which work most of the time.

Staff changes so it is hard to comment on them. When I was there the administration staff was good, i.e., I never had any problems. All the foreign teachers live in the same couple of buildings. All good people, none of which keep you up at night with parties or anything, and they get together every once in a while for dinner or something like that.

teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

Huguangyan is just up the road (10 minute walk) from the university. It is the largest Maar lake in the world. Maar means volcanic.

Living in Guangdong Ocean University (Main Campus)

Although the actual location is about 20-30 minutes by bus out of town, just outside the campus has everything you need for day to day living whilst teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University. There are fresh markets for vegetables, fruit and meat and there are a couple of convenience stores for everything else.

There are a few billiard halls and a few KTV joints. There’s a snack street with a good selection of Chinese street type food (noodles, rice, etc) and some hot pot restaurants.

The actual campus isn’t huge. You can run around it in 20 to 30 minutes (depending on how fast you run). It has a soccer field with pull up bars and a running track. If you get your timing right you can use the pool and ‘kickboxing’ gym. Also has yoga, tai chi, badminton and I’m sure a few other things that I never bothered to look into. There’s a ‘business’ center with three bakeries (at the time of writing this), photocopying, picture taking, printing, phone services, ATM’s, key cutter, sewing services etc.

teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

Not Donghai Beach, but another one closer to the University

While teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University they will supply you an apartment on campus. The apartment is decent, considering you are in a tropical environment. There are bugs (more-so if you do not keep it clean, obviously), and they are a little run down, but it is liveable.

There is air-conditioning in the bedroom and a ceiling fan in the TV room. Cable internet is supplied, which you can hook up into wireless for a once a year nominal fee (ask the students or other foreign teachers to ‘hook you up’ as it is technically not allowed). The apartment is free, but you pay for gas, water and electricity, but then they give you money on top of your pay to cover it, and I never used more than they gave.

The apartment comes stocked with whatever the last people left behind, but at the very least will have a flat-screen TV that you can plug your computer via HDMI or use the USB port (cause T.V. reception is no good), a few bowls, wok, pots, pans and basic cooking utensils.

There’s a guy that comes around every other day around 1300 – 1400 selling fresh tofu and vegetables. We call him the tofu man. If you like to cook tofu, buy it from him.

You could also eat at one of the dining halls, one of which is next to the teacher’s apartments.

Donghai Beach, Teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University

Donghai Beach. About a 30 minute bus ride away.

Getting to Guangdong Ocean University Main Campus

While teaching English at Guangdong Ocean University, you will probably want to go into town once in a while. These directions are to get to Guangdong Ocean University from town, but just reverse them to get back into town.

Gekkos. teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

Gekkos are common in the apartments. They make a little noise, but eat other bugs.

Option 1.

From town, catch the #9 bus headed toward (something) Da Xue (大学). (Sorry, I do not remember the first characters). Cost is 4rmb from town. If you are coming from the Train station, walk out the front, do not cross the street. Turn right until you get to the bus stop. The bus runs from 0630 – 2130 or there about.

Bus. teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

On the bus to Donghai Beach

Option 2.

From either the Xiashan or Haibin campuses, you can take the university supplied bus free of charge (for teachers, or any foreigner that can pass as a teacher). This is the preferred option. Free of charge, and no public stops. It is about a 20 minute ride.

teaching english at Guangdong Ocean University

In the University

Option 3.

Catch a taxi from Zhanjiang town. It shouldn’t cost you more than 30-40 rmb, depending on the time of day i.e. early morning hours will probably be more.

Have you or are your currently teaching English in Guangdong Ocean University? Let us know any updates and/or share your own experiences in the comments 😀 .

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