10 Awesome Things to do in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas is one of the original paradise holiday spots with 700+ islands and cays. Some are untouched while others have large hotels and luxury resorts.

There are plenty of pristine beaches, amazing marine life, water sports galore, historical forts, and more. Read on to discover 10 awesome things to do in the Bahamas.

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1. Dean’s Blue Hole

A blue hole is a water-filled sinkhole with the entrance below the water level. Dean’s Blue Hole is 202m deep which makes it the 2nd deepest in the world. The opening is about 30 meters wide.

2. Paradise Island

Paradise Island is off the coast of Nassau. It has the famous Atlantis resort with water park rides, pools, beach, restaurants, walk-in aquarium, and casinos.

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3. Exuma Island

The Exumas are an archipelago southeast of Nassau. They are split into 3 areas. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are laid-back while The Exuma Cays is more luxury.

4. Musha Cay

Musha Cay is David Copperfield’s private island. It allows only one group of guests at a time with a 24 person limit.

5. Fort Montagu

Fort Montagu is a four cannon fort on the east of New Providence Island. The British built it in 1741 for defense against Spanish invaders.

6. Harbour Island

Harbour Island is famous for its long pink sand beaches. It also has some amazing marine life to look at such as sting rays and turtles.

7. Blue Lagoon Island

This small, private island was once a stopover for pirates to cull salt. Nowadays it is a tourist attraction only 5km from Nassau.

8. Fort Fincastle

Lord Dunmore built Fort Fincastle in the late 1700s. It is on Society Hill overlooking Nassau and the Queen’s Staircase. It was a lighthouse until 1817 and then a signal station.

9. Queen’s Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase is 65-steps carved from limestone by slaves in the late 1700s. It is a shortcut to Fort Fincastle and a major landmark in Nassau.

10. Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park has wetland walkways, an impressive underwater cave system, sand dunes, and more.

Within its 40 acres you can find all 6 of the Bahamas’ vegetation zones.

11. Little Stirrup Cay (Coco Cay)

And a final bonus item!

Little Stirrup Cay is a tiny island – only 1km wide. It is part of the Berry Islands and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd uses it for tourism.

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That’s all for this list of things to do in the Bahamas. I’m sure you can agree that this coral-based archipelago is a gem of the Atlantic Ocean.

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